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How Website Design Makes Your Business Really Stand Out

Since most people online have no idea about you or your business, the first image that they have about you is your website. It stands to reason that a professional and well thought out website is the first and most important consideration when it comes to convincing people to invest their time and eventually, their money with you.

Having a web design that makes your business really stand out does not need to be expensive or difficult to achieve.  Most of the time, less is more.

We want to discuss with you some really great ideas that are inexpensive and can have a real wow factor on your potential customers and clients:

Have A Professional Create A Website For You – The biggest concern that most people have about a professional working for them, is expense. Yet if you take a few minutes to really look around, you can get a highly professional looking website created for you, for less than $200. How? Go to where these professionals hang out! Try looking at places like Elance, Odesk, and Guru. By simply searching for website design you can have dozens of qualified people that you can consider for your next design.

Focus More On Conversions Instead Of Flashy Images – A well-designed website need not be over flashy. Before you set out to hire someone to create a website, make sure you have well planned out exactly what the site should do. Remember your main objective and goal with the creation of your website is to fuel your business. Do not add excessive clutter. A website should tell a story and get people to contact you because you can solve a problem they have. Try to avoid using generic stock photo images and use real-life snapshots that show happy clients using your products and services. Focus on the customers getting what they want.

Keep It Simple And Easy To Use – Engagement as well as navigation should be high on the design list. Make your site really easy to get around and uncomplicated. Navigation should be intuitive as well as simple. Simplicity means people get what they need and want when they visit your site and conversions will be much higher.

Organize Based On Keywords – Organizing your website based on keywords means that people will find exactly what they’re looking for. This also means the search engines will be able to index your pages and content in such a manner that multiple pages will appear in the search engines to direct people to exactly where they need to go. Try to make your pages specific so that when people are looking for something your page exactly matches their search. For example, shows a page that directs people to toilets. You can go further with this example; Each page has exactly what you are promoting and nothing else, except content about the keyword.

Have Good Contact Information And Links That Work – Two of the biggest complaints that people have when interacting with websites is the inability to contact the owner of the website quickly or links that do not work. Do not feel that your contact information is an invasion of your privacy but rather a way to deal with people that need your help immediately. You can always use a Google phone number to act like an answering system and have it redirected to your e-mail if you want some privacy.

These five simple steps show how having the right thinking before you design your website is a great way to guarantee that your website stand out from your competitors.

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