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5 Design Elements Every Landing Page Should Have

Designing a landing page is not exactly a simple task because you have to keep in mind what other people want and not what you want. The main goal is to get people to check out what you have to offer but there are several design mistakes that can send your target audience fleeing from the site instead of touring around to see what is good and new. Here are the top 5 design elements of a killer landing page.

• Clear, legible and concise headlines

The headline is the first thing that your guest will check out. To create an awesome landing page, the headline should be strategically placed and in a nice legible writing. Never should you try to design the font of the headline- plain print is always the best. It can be read by any person. Secondly, the headline should be clear and brief. Long headlines tend to be confusing not only to the reader but also the writer. The writer is bound to veer off from their intended information and this will in turn lead to loss of clarity in the message. Let the headline be in simple words, simple font but still expressing the intended idea.
• Aligned design style

You should always align your design style. In order words stick to a design that is almost similar in both the ad and the landing page. For instance, if you use a red background with white text in the ad then the landing page should also use the same. When you use the image of a person in an ad, make sure that the same person appears in the landing page in as much as the image might be different. Basically when you align design styles of the ad and landing page you achieve the much needed visual harmony. Visual harmony makes the visitor more comfortable and somewhat familiar with the page.
• Appropriate colors

Colors have an effect on the decisions people make when visiting a website- in as much as it might be a sub conscious decision. The color that you use on the landing page will set the mood of that page as well as motivate the decisions taken by the visitor. For instance a color like green is the easiest for the eye to process and it is more common in finance and entertainment websites. Another color like purple would be found mostly on sites that deal with anti-ageing products.
• Action buttons should be prominent

The visitor has landed on your page, which is great. What is he/she supposed to do at the site? The call-to-action buttons should be very easy to identify such as the ‘download now’ and ‘buy’ buttons. If you want your guest to download something, let it be easy to find the download button. To do so, the call to action buttons should be big, brightly colored and if you can have more than one then that would also be good.


• Few distractive links
Remember, the point is to keep the attention of the visitor on the page. If you have too many links connecting to several other websites then that will distract the attention of the guest. Having many links on a homepage may be sensible but on a landing page the goal is to be simple and straight to the point.
And there you have it, if you landing page does not have the abovementioned design elements then there will be a problem. You will be recording numerous bounce offs where a visitor spends a few seconds on the page before leaving. If you do not master any of the above always remember this: simplicity is key!

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