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Since there has been some recent confusion regarding the differences between a “Mobile Website” and a “Mobile Responsive Website,” 180fusion will attempt to highlight the differences in a way that will be easy to understand and will allow users to understand what their site needs to achieve mobile-friendliness.

Mobile Website: The example displayed below for is a good example of a “Mobile Website.” They have two entirely separate versions of the site: a mobile website, which is only viewed by mobile devices (, and then an entirely different desktop version (

When a site is set up this way, it is programmed to detect what type of device is viewing the site; then, if it detects that the device is a phone, it will redirect to the separate mobile version of the site. Alternatively, if it detects the user is viewing the site from a desktop computer, it will load the normal version of the website.

In order for this to work correctly, a completely different mobile site must be designed and created that will only be loaded by mobile devices.

Oftentimes, you will find that the mobile version of the website is not programmed to include all of the functionality that the full desktop version may include.

The screenshots below demonstrate the difference in look and feel between the two site versions for


Mobile Responsive Website: A mobile responsive website is much different in that there is only one version of the website, but it is designed to detect device/screen size and make adjustments to elements of the layout to so that the site displays well on these different screens. The look and feel remains largely the same, except for the adjustments the site makes dynamically when it detects users’ screen sizes.

The below example of is a website that is mobile responsive, which means that no matter the size of the screen, it will display the same website, except with slight size/layout adjustments to account for screen size:

3333’s corporate website is a mobile responsive website, and screenshots of the two versions are attached:

From left: Desktop View & Mobile View


180fusion offers clients the option to convert their sites to mobile responsive websites, meaning that we modify elements of their existing website to display better on mobile devices. With mobile-responsiveness, you can give your mobile customers a convenient, more positive experience on your site every time they visit.

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