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10 Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking at your analytics only to discover that many people have abandoned their carts before completing the purchase. You may think that these customers are lost forever, but this isn’t the case. Intelligence from Business Insider predicts that at least 63% of abandoned carts can be recovered by online retailers.

You are going to learn about ten ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment.


Show Shipping Prices

One of the big reasons why people abandon shopping carts is exorbitant shipping prices. Many customers have come to expect transparent shipping prices and they won’t be happy to reach the payment screen only to discover how much more they are going to have to pay.

You don’t necessarily have to offer free shipping, but make sure that the prices are shown upfront rather than at the end.


See the Price Before Selecting the Item

The tourism industry is one industry notorious for forcing customers to go through the entire booking process before they will show them the prices. This is annoying and it means customers can’t compare prices with the click of a button, like they want.

Meet your customer’s expectations by showing the price before they select the item. Make the process as convenient as possible.


Purchase Products Without Signing In

Some retailers will allow customers to build up their shopping cart. When they come to make a purchase the site asks them to make an account first. A lot of customers will conclude that they can’t be bothered with the hassle and go elsewhere.

Make a guest checkout option available.


Shorten the Process

With over half of all traffic coming from mobile devices, it shows that people want to consume parts of the Internet in bite-sized chunks. What this should demonstrate to you is that people want to spend as little time as possible carrying out basic tasks.

Look to the likes of eBay and Amazon as examples for how much you can shorten the checkout process. It will dramatically reduce abandonment rates.


Increase Page Loading Speed

Your pages should load quickly for many reasons, including the fact that Google will penalize you in the search rankings if you don’t. Show respect for your customer’s time by removing any heavy media from pages so they load faster. An extra second can make all the difference.


Provide Protection

Privacy is a bigger consideration than ever before. If you don’t have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protection many customers will refuse to enter their personal information. Make customers feel safe when shopping in your store. It’s like hiring a security guard to stand next to the entrance.


Create a Helpful Error Message

Some retailers cut corners by coming up with generic error messages when something goes wrong. Many customers have no idea what’s gone wrong and rather than trying to work out the problem they will click away. This is all part of good customer service.

Make all your error messages specific and direct. This may mean more effort on your part, but you are making it less likely that a customer will just give up.


Make It Easy to Contact You

Above the fold on every page you should make your contact information visible. This will establish trust and encourage customers to contact you if they are experiencing a problem. If you offer live support, provide a clearly labeled tab that follows the customer as they scroll.


Take Your International Audience into Account

The online world has made it possible to sell to a target audience that includes the whole world. Don’t neglect them. State clearly which countries you ship to. You can also offer a currency convertor so customers can figure out how much they will have to pay in their currency.


Send an Email Reminder

Life gets in the way sometimes. It’s more common than you think that a customer will fill up their shopping cart and then remember that they left dinner in the oven. Don’t assume that an abandoned cart always means a lost sale.

After a few days, remind the customer via email that they have a cart sitting waiting for them. This is the simplest way of getting them to complete the purchase. Include the items that they placed in the cart to remind them who you are and what they wanted at the time.



Shopping cart abandonment is common within all industries. Online businesses can combat it without investing any significant period of time, though. It’s easier than you think to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates.

How will you go about reducing shopping cart abandonment rates today?

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