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6 Ways to Use Video To Help Your SEO


video seo tips and tricks for better search engine optimization

Since the Google Penguin and Panda updates, brands are putting an emphasis on a new strategy when it comes to the long-term success of their SEO efforts. They’ve come to the realization that to effectively win SEO, in the long run, they have to start creating high-quality content that will naturally bring in clicks over time. For them, video content is emerging as the more credible, practical, and potent form of online marketing tactics.

Video is truly one of the strongest ways of the future for search engine optimization.  As Google has split their index catering to a mobile first world, sites have become lighter on content but that works inversely against your efforts to keep prospects on your page for any length of time.

Video is one of the best ways to keep someone on your site longer as well as to aid in educating your user and assisting in conversion rates.  If your brand has come to the realization that video will be its best bet in improving your search engine ranking, consider these top tips:


Use Video to Answer Questions and Solve Problems

There’s space for virtually every industry and business in the video content sphere. You just must find your niche. The easiest one for businesses to identify will lie in the emphasis of problem-solving and new discovery. In the simplest scenarios, brands can use videos as an opportunity to display “how to’s” and tutorials on how to use products or provide hacks. Consider the obstacles and issues more commonly faced by your target audience. Then, offer them a solution that is better, faster, or cheaper. This sort of content tends to be the kind users search for the most on search engines.


Make Browsable Videos That Can Be Easily Linked to Individual Video Playback Pages

Don’t give your users the go around when it comes to finding content. Remember, today’s consumers are thriving in a culture where convenience is the norm. Create a user-friendly video resource landing page that allows viewers to easily access your content. Organize a video gallery that uses tags and sorts videos into certain categories so users can seamlessly navigate your videos. Remember, you’ve invested quite a bit of time and maybe money into creating video content. Don’t let that all go to waste by not following through on video experience.

Avoid the endless stream of video players on a single page. If you’ve ever come across a wall of embedded YouTube videos on someone’s site, you’ll understand just how difficult it is to find what you want.

Instead, make sure you have a separate landing page for each video so search engines can find and index each video asset individually. You’ve invested in your video content, so don’t let a poor video experience take away from that.


Get Interactive

Video servicing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are making it easy for marketers to implement call to actions in their content. As such, there’s not much of an excuse for you to not put a heavy emphasis on this aspect of your video campaign when you delve it out. Guide viewers to your desired actions by using interactive video features such as in-video links, quizzes, and surveys as they watch. Remember, every campaign has a mission and you shouldn’t waste any opportunity to highlight or promote yours.


Put Your Video on Your Site

Get more SEO value from your videos by ensuring that they’re hosted on your own domain. YouTube and Vimeo are great for storing video, but having a site packed with video content will give your site more attention as search engines put an emphasis on video content.  That doesn’t mean embedding video onto your site from these platforms either. Doing so will cause you to simply lose credit for your own content. Instead, use an online video platform that will allow you to build out a video sitemap on your site’s subdomain.


Be A Social Media Butterfly

Social media likes and shares are proving to be the ultimate form of exchange for increasing brand awareness online. These two features might seem irrelevant to the SEO space, but their emerging worth is completely underrated. Get the most out of your videos social media efforts by liking and sharing the videos that your friends and followers post to their channels. In doing so you will gain the return of similar courtesies which will ultimately create new paths of attraction to your own content and site.


Encourage Others to Steal Your Content

Increase the number of inbound links that lead your site and win over search engines by encouraging followers to embed your videos on their site. Make it easy for your audience and competitors to use and share your video by making embedding features available on your videos.


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Mike Symonds

Mike Symonds

Mike Symonds brings over 12 years of digital marketing experience to the table, with practical, frontline experience growing small business to enterprise clients.  As a lead solutions architect with 180fusion, Mike works with CMOs and entrepreneurs crafting custom strategies to align with their business visions and succeed online.

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