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5 Ways to Optimize Your Business YouTube Channel


Creating a business YouTube channel is an ideal way of connecting with a new audience. The fact is that 800 million unique visitors enter the YouTube site every month. Even gaining a tiny proportion of these users can mean big things for your company.

If your YouTube channel isn’t gaining the traction it should, or you have yet to launch your channel, this is the way to make business content work on YouTube.

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Craft Your Channel

Before you begin posting any videos, you need to design your channel in the right way. You should see this as your shop window. It’s where people come if they like you and want to find out more about your business and other videos. You should be using professional banner ads, logos, and social media buttons to create the most positive impression possible.

This is the easy part because you can make it look just like your Facebook or Twitter channels. In fact, that’s exactly what you should be doing. A unified brand image is essential for branding. All your platforms should be linked together.

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The Type of Content to Post

Now you need to come up with a way of attracting people to your channel. The best way to optimize any YouTube channel is to post content that people actually want to see. The more views you get and the more comments you have below; the more Google is going to take notice.

At the end of every video, you should have a message that asks people to comment. It could be by answering a question or just by giving thoughts on the issues at hand.

So what sort of content gains the most interaction?

The good news is that business content works on YouTube. The bad news is it doesn’t work as well as other forms of content, such as comedy and gaming videos. It’s only natural that personal videos tend to get more visibility, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Here’s a combination of videos that should be a part of your content strategy:

  • Client testimonials
  • Product demonstrations
  • Answering customer questions live
  • Reviews of industry trends
  • Product release teasers

By switching up your content on a regular basis, you can make sure that people are staying engaged. You can ensure that they are continuing to stay interested.


Video Page Optimization

Despite the fact that the world of SEO has changed, keywords and other similar tactics are still as relevant as before. Research your chosen keywords and go out of your way to use them in both the title and the description of your videos.

One clever tip is to include a video transcription. This can help you to fit different keywords in without it seeming unnatural. Video page optimization on YouTube should never involve forcing keywords in because it’s immediately obvious what you’re doing and it won’t go down well with YouTube or your target audience.


Social Media Optimization

The number one way of promoting your videos is to use social media. In terms of SEO, social media popularity is the most effective way of promoting your videos. But you have to go further than sharing your content on Facebook or Twitter. Luckily, this is easier than you think. Simply by adding a call to action in your video description or at the end of your videos you can encourage people to share your videos on their feeds.

It’s the best way of accessing other people’s networks. Make your videos easy to share on social media and people will usually do it if they happen to like the video.



Now you have to think about what your video is going to look like on Google. The thumbnail is the main factor in whether someone is going to share your content or not. Don’t take a thumbnail from your video. Craft a custom thumbnail that looks like a poster.

When designing it, keep in mind what it will look like in miniaturized form. Try to keep it simple because any tiny details are unlikely to appear.


Conclusion – Making YouTube Work for You

Video marketing has never been more powerful. It’s relatively easy to make YouTube work if you try hard enough. Like anything, you need to test different aspects of your strategy to ensure that you are using optimal tactics. If you can do this and get it right, the possibilities really are endless.

How will you market your business on YouTube?

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