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New Improved Twitter Features Marketers Should Use

Twitter has been busy redesigning and redefining exactly how to connect with everyday users. In addition, Twitter is now taking aim at hard-core marketing and quality brands. Their latest design has an appearance similar to Facebook. Marketers now have the opportunity to take advantage of some of these new features and if you haven’t stopped by Twitter lately, you’re in for a real surprise:

  1. New Profile Appearance — With the new customized header and place for a larger profile picture, it’s obvious that Twitter is paying attention to Facebook when it comes to delivering a clean and clear profile image. This allows you to have an attractive avatar or picture that will grab people’s attention and can define who you are and/or what your business is.


  1. Twitter’s Slide Show – The latest innovation Twitter is calling photo collage. This is a great way to upload more than one image into your tweets. Some of the top brands are experimenting with this by creating a mosaic of four or more images. This is also a powerful way to tell a story much the way Instagram has been used to display events, products and services by images.


  1. Bigger Is Better – Twitter has redesigned tweets so that they will now appear larger if there is more engagement and activity. This means the really best tweets have the opportunity to truly stand out and grab even more attention. A wise marketer could invest a few dollars to make sure that their tweets were being shared by top contributors so they would really stand out and get that much more attention and viral response.


  1. Direct Response Ads — Advertisers now have the opportunity to further enhance their direct responses by adding things like a click to call button for mobile users, direct app installs, even e-mail sign ups right from a variety of applications. This is a real boon for marketers who can now directly access Twitter for more than just sending out frivolous tweets.


  1. Amplify This — Now media partners are capable of sharing video as well as other forms of content directly on Twitter’s platform. This is important because now visitors can remain on the same platform and are able to share and experience content with a single click. This includes videos, so no more having to leave Twitter.


It’s obvious that Twitter is trying to be more engaging and involved in brand sharing. This new assortment of tools will make using Twitter much more interesting and lucrative. Accessing these new, unique features that are now part of the Twitter landscape, is an excellent way to extend your reach and finally access all of those followers to turn them into some serious conversions.

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