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How To Use Twitter Recommendations To Boost Social Proof

Social proof is a critical extension of any marketing that you are undertaking. There are different levels of social proof that marketers have successfully used in the past. For example, when your friends make a recommendation to you, you’re more likely to listen to them because you believe they may know things that can benefit you.

Other forms of social proof include celebrity endorsements, experts who might give us their take on what we can use to improve our lives and recommendations from people that we know, like associates at work or online.

The nice thing about using Twitter is that it does not rely on the search engines to grab immediate attention of any marketplace because people fuel the social frenzy. For example, you discover a fabulous new restaurant in your area and you tweet about it, and suddenly there is a rush of local people to the restaurant. You just made a new friend who happens to be the restaurant owner! All of this happens without the search engines needing to be consulted.

Using Twitter and recommendations can then be shared via #hashtags, accounts and viral re-tweets.  Together with Twitter, this becomes a powerful form of social proof that anyone can engage in. Here are some quick tips on how you can do the exact same thing:

  1. Hire Celebrates To Recommend For You – There are plenty of not so famous celebrities that would be willing to take a few dollars to recommend your product or service on Twitter. If you can’t find a celebrity then find one of the top ranking people (with lots of followers) in your niche and have them recommend your product or service. Once you have this recommendation, you can simply share it and of course use it in your marketing.
  1. Get An Expert To Recommend Your Product Or Service -Experts are everywhere but their recommendations have tremendous power when it comes to social proof. It doesn’t take much to find someone would be willing to take a look at your products and services and even give you an honest evaluation. Once you found your expert who likes your products or services, you can use their testimonial in the form of a Twitter recommendation and then use this to be shared all over.
  1. Get Testimonials About Results – Getting positive testimonials about results that prior customers have had with your business and then sharing them through social media, like Twitter are absolutely critical to your success. If you can also get happy customers to tweet about positive experiences that they have had with you and your business, these recommendations are extremely powerful at soliciting additional business and can be used in future marketing.

If you take the time to use these three powerful steps to getting Twitter recommendations to boost your social proof, your business will greatly benefit. Why not give them a try and see what happens?

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