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SEO – How Personas Fit In

SEO is a critical part of promoting your business. It links in with everything, including finding the right customers and making sure you’re not killing your PPC success. Making SEO work is easier said than done. There are so many factors at work and you’re competing against the rest of the world for attention. Customer […]

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Organic marketing concepts and strategies for best practices SEO

Organic Digital Marketing

Organic digital marketing, while not as attractive and seemingly lucrative as other marketing approaches, still makes up a critical part of the SEO sphere. To market organically simply means that you use SEO best practices and consistent content marketing strategies to bring search traffic to your page—essentially doing everything you can without investing in paid […]

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Google is Making it a Bit Easier for Webmasters to Remove URLs from Their Index

On Google’s Webmaster Blog, they announced that one annoying hurdle to removing old or outdated URLs from their index has been removed. Previously, in order to get an outdated URL removed from Google’s index, you had to actually go through the process of blocking it in the webmaster console first. Now, they’ve removed that impediment, […]

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