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Unlocking The Power Of SMO Services

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is closely related to search engine optimization (SEO). While SEO seeks to make websites more relevant, thus increasing their rank on search results pages, SMO involves a variety of techniques that are designed to build and maintain a company’s online reputation and image. SMO is closely linked with reputation management. Through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and MySpace, companies can build their images by sharing content and interacting with users in all sorts of different ways. Social media optimization refers to using social media resources effectively to accomplish a strategic goal such as attracting new customers.

Effective SMO requires vast experience across a range of social media platforms. The structure of each one is different and effective advertising through each platform is unique. When SMO is done the right way, social media accounts are linked in such a way that users are encouraged to interact with the business on more than one social media platform. This increases search engine visibility and allows free advertising to reach the highest number of potential consumers.

SMO involves posting blogs, pictures, videos, links, and other types of content that will engage users. One the main goals of SMO is to build a company image. Through social media accounts, the company becomes like an individual, in a way. The company shares videos, pictures, and other content. Users that relate to the shared content then begin to identify with the company. They may begin to follow the company’s postings and encourage their friends to do so as well. As the company posts more content that the user can relate to, brand loyalty begins to grow. SMO is really about building relationships with customers and finding potential customers through clever marketing techniques.

The power of social media marketing is nearly unlimited. Although this form of marketing is relatively new, it’s extremely effective and growing in use. Facebook recently announced the addition of their billionth user! Not all Facebook users log on to their accounts regularly, a little less than half sign on daily! As individuals become increasingly interlinked through social media and other technological products, truly effective marketing will be determined by the ability of advertisers to infiltrate those channels in a non-intrusive way and connect with users.

Social media marketing is really in its early stages in the broad scheme of things. Don’t miss the opportunity to get involved and begin reaping the rewards while this marketing channel is still in its infancy! Contact 180Fusion today at 1-877-321-4180 to learn about our professional SMO services!

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