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The Top 10 Twitter Tips and Tricks for Beginners – Social Network Media Marketing

Top 10 Twitter Tips and TricksTwitter, as a social media marketing platform, doesn’t have the complexity or nuance of Facebook, its primary competitor, for the social media space. There are many benefits to Twitter’s simplicity, however, that make it an excellent platform for business marketing. If you’re just getting into Twitter, and want to use it as part of your Internet marketing strategy, there is a wide variety of things one can do to make their profile unique, engaging and marketable.

I’ve done some research and found the ten best tips for those business owners new to Twitter that want to make the most out of this exciting and dynamic social network.

  1. Have engaging posts. Twitter is basically a big chat room with everyone talking at once, so you need to make your voice heard. To that end, you want your posts to be engaging, but not so much that they seem like you’re desperate for replies.
  2. Keep your posts simple. Don’t try to be too clever or witty, just be open and honest. Keep your posts succinct and your links short.
  3. Be polite, honest and open. Your Twitter feed is just one more representation of yourself and your business, so keep your tweets, your replies and your direct messages as open and honest as possible, and always remain polite and courteous to those who write you, no matter how vitriolic they might be.
  4. Don’t tweet too little or too much. You want people to read your posts, but you don’t want to either overwhelm them with so many posts or bore them with so few that you turn them away. Find a balance between how many posts you put up a day, but always post at least something on a daily basis.
  5. Interact with others. You can post tons of interesting content, but if you don’t interact with those who find your posts and comment on them, people won’t find your twitter feed very welcoming and will likely move on.
  6. Follow interesting and relevant people. There are a lot of famous people on Twitter, but also a lot of people just like you who are trying to make a voice for themselves. Start following people who are interesting and relevant enough and they might just do the favour.
  7. Retweet interesting posts. Twitter lets you easily share other people’s interesting tweets, which will then show up in your news feed.
  8. Have a compelling profile picture. Your profile picture says a lot about you. It should be well-crafted and professional, and look good both as a full-sized image and a thumbnail.
  9. Share pictures. Text is awesome and keeping it short means more people will read it, but also make sure you post pictures using a service such as Twitpic or Yfrog. These could be of a nice customer you met that day, or a new product, for example.
  10. Create a custom background image. With a custom background image, you can place important information beside your Twitter feed if people should see your profile, such as your business’ physical address, email address and so on.

These tips should help you get started on the road to Twitter stardom. If you feel you need help in managing your Twitter profile, contact 180Fusion. We’re social marketing experts, and we can help manage your social network profiles on a variety of networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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