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Social Media Is About Communication – But What Else Can You Do With It?

Social media has become the leading way to communicate with your prospects. It’s the leading marketing channel available to you. And it’s also a way to hit certain groups. For example, 63% of millennials say they use social media to stay updated on what brands are doing.

But social media can be used to do more than that. You can use it to generate leads. You can also use it to build your brand. This article is going to go into exactly what you can do with social media.

Use it for Customer Service

Traditional support channels aren’t always what customers want. If you want to improve your customer service, you need to dominate multiple Social Media Marketingchannels.The more options you have for customers to take advantage of the better. Social media is a great customer service tool.  It adds a human touch that all customers can appreciate. And since questions are extremely public there’s no room for vague, indirect answers.

Take the businesses using Twitter for customer service. One Tweet can be used to answer a hundred questions at once. It also cuts down on the time spent on email communication and phone calls. Twitter has also shown itself to be an immense tool during server downtime.

Engaging with Your Customers

When you appear on social media feeds you’re automatically increasing your chances of influencing a future purchase. This is why paid Facebook advertising has become so prominent in the last couple of years. You can also influence future purchases by getting customers involved with your promotional campaigns.

One option is to create an incentive for people to ‘check in’ when they’re at your location. Restaurants and bars have been doing this for a long time. They will make it clear that you have to ‘check in’ if you want to take advantage of their free Wi-Fi. A simple update like this can expose you to a whole new audience.

The more screen time you get the higher the chance you have of engaging with your customers.

But why is more engagement so important?

It’s all about improving customer retention. A perfectly good business can fail to elicit loyalty from its customers just because they’re forgotten. If you’re not regularly engaging with your target audience you’re going to struggle to stand out. If someone sees your brand time and time again, though, they’re going to think about you.

It’s a Great Product Development Channel

Nothing stops you from boosting team morale like a product that flops the moment it gets out of the gate. You need a comprehensive product development tool to help you work out any problems before you initiate your release. Social media can serve as that product development tool.

The user commentary you get on your products can be invaluable. They’re not working for you so their feedback is completely uninhibited. It might hurt to see people saying bad things about your product, but those people could be saving your business from a huge mistake.

Social media will allow you to launch a winning product with social media. Without the feedback you’re getting from social media you’re essentially fumbling around in the dark.

Social Media is About Online eCommerce

Ordering online is more convenient and cost-effective than any other method. This is why social media is so powerful. You can use social media to sell your products and you can get instant feedback. Increasing your reach via desktop and mobile on social media can completely revolutionize your business.

Furthermore, social media is the king of the impulse buy. Think about how often people scroll through Facebook every single day. They’re spending so much time here that the ads they see have a pretty good shot of leading to a purchase.

If you’re not leveraging social media for eCommerce purposes you’re missing out.

Find the Right Person for the Job

You can easily find top talent through social media networks like LinkedIn. It’s not uncommon to see leading companies headhunting the best talent through their social media profiles. This is often the only way you’ll find the best talent. The majority of hot talent will never make their way to traditional job seeking website.

Typically, social media allows you to contact people on a more informal basis. That alone can tell you so much more about a candidate.

Last Word – Social Media is King

Social media can be your most powerful asset, if you use it correctly. Start looking at social media in a different light. How will you use social media today?

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Brannon M. Brooks

Brannon M. Brooks

Brannon Brooks brings a considerable amount of background knowledge & a passion in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing, and Social Media. He comes to 180fusion with 5 years in the online marketing industry. Currently, he oversees & structures SEO and marketing strategies for a handful of clients; ranging from National SEO, Local Search, & e-commerce businesses. Prior to 180fusion, Brannon Brooks has worked as an SEO Analyst overseeing enterprise accounts in a vast majority of industries. His favorite SEO quote & rule of thumb is “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

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