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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page – Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Create a Facebook Fan PageIf you have a business, you’d be a fool not to have a social media presence. Facebook and Twitter, for example, represent a goldmine of opportunity wherein you can reach new customers and attract new business. While Twitter is very simple and pretty straightforward, Facebook is more complex, requiring a bit more dedication and finesse. Facebook has made their fan pages similar to personal profile pages for a reason.

Make it Look Great

Facebook gives you a wide variety of ways to make your page look great. Your most important part of this is your profile image and the thumbnail you associate with it. Both need to not only be visually appealing, but also be relevant to your products or services. Your profile picture can only be a small width horizontally, but vertically you can stretch it out to be a skyscraper. This is a nice option to have, and lets you have more of a visual flair to your image, but can also move important navigational elements far down the sidebar, so that’s something to consider.

You should also make sure the thumbnail for your profile image focuses on what’s most important in your profile image, such as a logo. You also should make most use of the new photostrip feature that puts five thumbnail images at the top of your fan page. These can be tweaked to make one custom image split into five, and if it looks snazzy and also has relevance with your profile picture, that shows a consistent look that will keep people interested.

Keep it Updated

Facebook gives you a lot of flexibility in what info to put on your pages and how to update them. While your page should, of course, look good, it should also have a lot of fleshed out information for your products and services. You can create custom pages covering the main products or product categories your business sells, the services you offer and much more.

You also need to keep your news feed updated with news, quips, anecdotes, testimonials and whatever else you can put on there. Keeping your page updated regularly will keep people coming back to see your new content.

Interact with Your Customers

Facebook gives you an excellent opportunity to bring in new customers, interact with them and make them a part of the conversation and your products and services. This doesn’t just mean making posts on which they’ll reply to, however. This means have an interactive photo album wherein customers can tag themselves or your product, for example. Make an app that people can put on their own page and share with their friends. There are multiple ways to interact with your customers on Facebook, so make sure you make use of all of them.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive Facebook page for business tutorial, but it should at least get you started. If you need help with a social media marketing plan, however, contact 180Fusion. You can find dedicated experts and customized solutions that will help you craft a social media strategy that works for your business.

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