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Facebook Tips and Tricks – Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingFacebook has become the premiere social media network on the planet, with billions of users already using it on a daily basis, and millions of new users are signing up on a regular basis. This represents a huge opportunity for individuals and businesses to make new friends and increase their visibility, and for businesses, new friends can mean new customers.

Thankfully Facebook gives you quite a bit of tools to make the most out of your page and, if you’re a business, your social media marketing plan as well. This article will give some tips and trips for the new facebook user, both for the individual and for the small business.

Facebook Tips for Individuals

Facebook makes it easy for people to connect with family and friends, and make new friends as a result. If you’re just starting out on Facebook, you should first start your pool of friends from close friends and family, and those can usually be found by importing your address book, should it be on a compatible service like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. If not, you can type people’s individual email addresses into the Friend Finder and find people that way.

Speaking of the Friend Finder, you should liberally use this tool to find other friends who are connected to people you already know but for whom you might not have all of their contact information. The Friend Finder will also automatically populate itself with mutual friends to make finding new people even easier.

You should also find Fan pages and groups and “like” them. This not only puts you in touch with new people who share similar interests, but also can bring old and new friends together who share the same interests. You should avoid, however, spamming your friends with requests for things like games, apps and so on, as these can turn people off.

Facebook Tips for Businesses

Facebook is a powerful social media marketing platform, and as such has brought millions of dollars of revenue not only to Facebook itself, but to those who choose to market their products and services with them. There are really two facets to Facebook marketing, the Fan page, and the paid marketing plan.

A Facebook Fan page is similar to a profile page, only it’s geared toward a product or service rather than a person. With that in mind, tweaking a Fan page is different than tweaking an individual profile page. Your page should pop with relevant images in the profile picture and the picture bar, and you should have relevant posts for deals, anecdotes, news stories and the like on a regular basis. This keeps people coming back to your page to see what’s new.

A paid Facebook marketing plan is similar to Google’s AdWords marketing platform. You set up a budget, target keywords and phrases, target specific age groups and locales, and let it go. If you plan to go this route, you need to make sure your ads are eye catching, simple, honest and engaging. Many ads that are irrelevant or boring are turned off by the user, while catchy ads are usually clicked upon.

These are just some tips you can take with you when starting a new individual or business profile on Facebook. Facebook gives you the tools to make yourself or your business visible on their massive network, but they leave it up to you to make the most of them.

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