8 Reasons To Not Give Up On Pinterest | 180fusion

In a famous quote, philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once remarked: “Genius lives only one story above madness.” Pinterest has developed its own unique form, community, and set of aesthetic norms. However, sitting in front of a computer thinking about all of the ways that you can arrange your Pinterest page to actually attract people can make it feel like you are going insane sometimes. But don’t give up, here are some reasons why you might be on the edge of a creative breakthrough.

Creativity is Not Always Reliable

If you’re feeling that you’re not the most creative person in the world you’re not alone: 75% of people think they’re not living up to their full creative potential based on research conducted by AdAge. Creativity’s a big mystery to many of us, sometimes inspiration for great idea strikes and other times you’re left with a severe case of writer’s block or some similar phenomenon that prevents you from just making something. That feeling can be discouraging for a lot of people.

Don’t Let Jealousy Discourage You

But remember that creativity is not always reliable and often manifests as a complex feeling. Danielle Krysa, a successful creative director for an advertising agency, remarked that: “She rarely showed anyone what she was making and often felt a rush of jealousy when coming across the work of artists she admired.” Admitting that it’s normal to sometimes feel jealous about the Pinterest setups of others and the higher quality of other people in comparison to your own material is one of the first steps towards improvement.

Work Smart, Not Hard

One of the themes of this article will be to get rid of things that discourage you by breaking them down and better understanding the reason behind those feelings. Hard work and a great work ethic are glorified by our society in sayings like “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” However, if you invest your efforts in the wrong direction then all of your hard work may, unfortunately, be going to waste. An article posted by Inc outlines a set of possibilities that can help out when it comes to directing yourself like taking timed breaks and naps instead of going all in and burning out quickly.

The Community

A community is the foundation of so much for a site, and the same applies to Pinterest. There are 150 million monthly users of Pinterest and the site itself is expanding into a number of different demographics, such as men. There’s no doubt that somewhere on Pinterest, you’ll be able to find a place and a community where your artistic ideas and thoughts can be shared, refined, and eventually showcased.

Business Opportunities

There’s so much room to sell yourself to a wide and willing digital audience on Pinterest. The platform practically provides you with the necessary tools and outlets to flaunt your best, and even has a number of case studies where Pinterest has carved out a direct impact on a business’ marketing campaign. For instance, the brand Hunter Boots reports in a case study on Pinterest that they achieved a, “30% increase in branded searches on Pinterest,” following their use of the platform as a marketing and branding tool. Don’t miss out.

The Ability to Express Yourself

Individuality is a cherished American value and a value that most people really strive to have in the middle of a life that always seems to reinforce and impose the concept of averageness through routine onto us. Even if you’re not initially successful, Pinterest can be a vital outlet that allows you to craft your personal sense of aestheticism and show it to others, and that’s something that’s really valuable. An interesting piece published by the University of Chicago claims that the individualistic nature of American culture allows for greater insight into and empathetic understanding of the perspective of others.

Change is Always Possible

So what if your current Pinterest profile isn’t garnering the attention or hitting the marketing targets that you had initially set for it; these sorts of failures are an inevitable part of a larger overall process towards success. Etsy’s collaboration with Pinterest in order to showcase it’s 800,000 online shops and 15 million one-of-a-kind items underscores how Pinterest benefits those that continually innovate. Believe in yourself and the products that you produce.

Don’t Just Rely on Yourself

As we’ve outlined before, a community is an essential part of many websites and Pinterest is a key example of how networking and personal connections benefit individuals that are struggling with the design of their page or who are failing to market something. Pinterest has a number of informative guides as well as helpful representatives that are ready to assist you in creating a page. Listening to tutorial videos and guides posted by the Pinterest community may alert you to new functionalities of the website that you weren’t familiar with before – there’s massive potential for teamwork to boost you out of a creative rut with Pinterest.