7 Laws of Social Media Marketing

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Content and social media marketing are great powers that can be leveraged in your attempts to expand your audience and customer base in a drastic way. Unfortunately, ramping up your efforts can be challenging to do, particularly when you lack the experience or insight. It’s in this way that having an understanding of social media marketing and its fundamentals are vital. From ways in which to improve quality to how to boost the value of your online entry points, adhering to the following laws will help you to build a foundation that will allow you to provide your customers, your brand, and even provide as an invaluable experience.


The Law of Having An Open Ear

To be truly successful in the world of social media and content marketing you have to be open to listening instead of talking. To ensure you’re absorbing as much information as possible, read the online content your target audience enjoys the most and join in on their discussions to discover what topics and mindsets are the most important to them. In being open to listening and holding a greater sense of value for the words your audience iterates as opposed to the one you speak, you can you create content that will add value to their lives instead of cluttering it.

The Law of Maintaining A Sharp Focus

One of the greatest lessons a business can learn is is the importance of being a master of one trade than a jack of all. It’s in this way that a highly-focused social media and content marketing strategy will help brands build a stronger base. Ultimately, this narrowed sense of focus will give brands the ability to build stronger relationships with their consumers. Remember, there’s always a better success rate for those with a small ad base than one that is expansive and shallow.

The Law of Quality Over Quantity

No matter the field or industry, brands have to remember that quality will always win out over quantity. As you contemplate your brand’s social media strategy consider the worth of a million followers with no engagement versus a thousand with substantial shares and comments. It’s always better to have a sound number of online connections who read, share and talk about your content with their audiences than a larger following who drops off as soon as they connect with you.

The Law of Resisting Impatience

A quality social media following will never pop up overnight. The same goes for content marketing success and outcomes. Rather than attempting to catch lightning in a bottle, consider ways in which your brand can achieve the results it wants by committing to its strategy for the long haul.

The Law of Compounding

Publishing valuable, quality content will help you to build a secure and dependable quality group of followers who will share your content with their audiences on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These are the type of relationships you should be working to build through your content because their sharing and discussion of your content will help you to open new entry points for search engines to find your content and brand in keyword searches. Such entry points are significant changes for growth because they offer hundreds, even thousands of more ways for users to discover you online.

The Law of Having An Influence

As you work to grow your audience, spend some time trying to discover the online influencers in your market who have precious audiences that are likely to be interested in your brand. Using your platforms to connect with these people can help you to build the right relationships needed to reach out and grow your audience. Getting on their radar as an authoritative, attractive source of useful information, will encourage them to share your content with their followers, which could ultimately put you and your business at the forefront of an entirely new audience.

The Law of Value

Spending all of your time on social media marketing, pushing your products and promoting your brand will eventually get old with your audience, and they will find a way to silence you. To grow a real and worthwhile connection with your users, you have to make sure that you are adding value to their online conversations. Instead of singularly focusing your efforts on conversions, consider spending more time on crafting good content and developing relationships with online influencers who can become powerful catalysts for word-of-mouth marketing promotions for your brand.

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