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5 Steps Brands Should Take to Get Their Social Following Active

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In social media marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in the chase of vanity metrics such as “likes” and “followers”. These numbers frequently seem to give off an indication of how well a brand’s rate of appeal to broader audiences is.

Yet, the truth is that no matter how large a site’s following might be, these numbers aren’t necessarily indicative of the actual performance of a brand. They rarely translate into site traffic boosts or conversions and hardly ever promote further interest in a brand.


What’s more, they mean nothing if your followers are neither present nor engaged. Even if your social media following is large, it means nothing if your followers aren’t active.

To truly maximize the effectiveness of your social media campaign, you’ll want to increase audience engagement and interest in your brand’s social presence. Here’s how:

Spot Out the Competition

Your first step in understanding your followers starts with getting a feel for what your competition is getting right. Observe their strategy, take notes about which tactics work for them and measure their social engagement. Consider the differences in your two tactics and which ones lead to an increase in interaction from audiences. You might find that the differences all add up to the types of platforms you’re using and the sort of content you post. Take note of the areas in which they tend to succeed and figure out a way to apply their strategies to your own.

Look for Patterns and Trends

Your best bet in properly assessing the changes you ought to make will lie in your measurement of perceived patterns. Don’t go adjusting your tactic at random. Instead, track down the pieces of content that have worked in your social media accounts and determine what factors might have contributed to their success. Assess which aspects have made it an outlier. If it’s the one piece of content that you have posted that is visual, consider using images and video content to headline each bit of content that you post. Similarly, look to your less popular posts to pinpoint the traits that have made it particularly unpopular amongst your audience. As you go through, make notes for your editorial calendar and adjust it according to your observations.

Respond To your Audience

You wouldn’t keep trying to talk to a person that consistently ignores you and social media users are the same. If your followers find that they never receive a response to their questions, comments, or posts, they’ll likely stop attempting to engage with you entirely. Monitor your pages and reply to all comments, reviews and questions that might be posted on your site. It is imperative for brands to make a consistent effort to reach out to and respond to as many comments they can. Be sure that you are friendly and professional in all your interactions too. Even in the ones that might turn sour.

Post More

Each platform has its own unspoken etiquette when it comes to the frequency in which posts should be made. Not enough posts can end up distancing you from followers or give off the impression that you don’t have a social presence. Too many posts, however, can come off as being a nag and ultimately cause them to unfollow you. As a rule, it’s smart to post at least one quality piece of content a day. Be sure to only post content that encourages engagement and is top notch when it comes to value. Remember, it’s always better to post less than sacrifice the credibility of your brand by pushing content that is substandard.

Encourage Participation

Get your followers to share and engage with your content by creating posts that prompt a response. Ask open questions or use content to start a debate or discussion. Contents and captions will work to incentives followers to act and promote communication on your page. Remember, few people will step out and start dancing if they don’t have a dance floor.

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Tyler Vaughn

Tyler Vaughn

Tyler Vaughn brings a decade of experience to 180fusion in helping brands expand their digital, social, and overall online presence. As an avid marketing enthusiast, Tyler Vaughn has helped countless businesses from the SMB space to Enterprise sector grow their sales channel from creating award winning digital strategies.

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