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Marketers hoping to reach millennials on their favorite platforms are undoubtedly already aware that social media is necessary. Yet, to understand how to better captivate this much sought after audience, marketers must garner a stronger understanding of the ways in which millennials are behaving online.

Your standard PPC and SEO strategy needs to evolve,  but you should also be staying in front of this audience and evolving to capture this market as your next set of key prospects.  To help, here is a breakdown of the top social media trends shaping millennial’s interests in 2017:


Millennials Aren’t in Love with Facebook Anymore

The social platform that started out as the ultimate online hangout for college students has quickly expanded into a port of sorts for their older friends, neighbors, parents, and grandparents. In fact, a recent survey noted that Facebook has become more popular amongst non-millennials. As a result, millennials and their younger cohorts have fled to social channels like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. The takeaway for brands here is the need to keep an eye on the correlation between the number of younger audiences leaving a social channel and the number of older ones signing on.

For brands, this shift should be an indication to marketers who rely heavily on the benefits of advertising on a singular social channel. Instead, brands must be signed up for and well-versed in the etiquette and protocols of other social channels. They must stop using social media as an email service— wherein one platform can act as a substitute for another. Instead, brands must be signed up for multiple channels and up to date on the ones that emerge.


They Want an Experience That’s Shareable

The phrase “pics or it didn’t happen” is proving to be the ultimate millennial identifier. Unlike their parents, Millennials aren’t spending money on things, they’re going for experiences. What’s more, they’re going for ones that can be shared online with their friends and followers. Eight in ten have said some of their best memories came from an event or travel experience that they took part in. A third have a Snapchat account while half are signed up on Instagram. With this emerging generation of consumers embracing a need to share real-time reports of their experiences, businesses must provide them with stories to help them build their customers’ aesthetic appeal.

Brands should interpret this desire for experiences as a need to emphasize experimental marketing when targeting to this audience. Big brands are already noticing this demand from the millennial group. Coca-Cola, which comes in as number eight in the top fifty brands favored by Millennials gave college kids across the country something to share when they distributed Coca-Cola vending machines that delivered a coke whenever it was hugged. Brands that understand Millennials want to go to sponsored events and take in new interactions will be the ones to prevail.


Disappearing Media Is Their Favorite

Older millennials learned the lessons of the internet’s dark side the hard way. Eventually, they grew accustomed to the notion that once something was posted on the internet it could affect their name for forever. Yet, new social apps and technologies are emerging and making this impression moot. For younger millennials who watched the fallout older millennials experienced from sharing private information, disappearing media is proving to be their ultimate and favorite solution to their desire to document their lives. More are signing up for the king of disappearing social images Snapchat. Even more telling, more social channels are adopting similar features. Last year, Instagram rolled out a feature that nearly copied Snapchats stories in which videos stayed on only for a temporary amount of time.


They Want Their Live Video

Feeding the millennial’s desire for shared experiences are the emerging features of live video and augmented reality (AR). With nearly every social channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) giving users a chance to share video content in real-time, there’s practically no shortage of experiences for users to consume. These tools are allowing Millennials a chance to not only share their experiences but take in new ones too.

Last year’s Pokémon Go craze foreshadowed a new leading attraction amongst millennials heading in the direction of augmented reality. For marketers, this means keeping up to date on which social channels will allow them to share major moments with users via live video and AR.

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