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Why Local Marketing Is Much More Important For Some Companies Than Others

While many companies focus on SEO marketing on a global scale, many companies are in need of a much more focused SEO approach. You might think that just because you are doing SEO work, you are doing your business a favor. However, just doing SEO is the beginning. You need to create an SEO plan that is customized to your business. This may take more time, but in the end, the results will be greater than you may even expect. If you are a heating and air contractor in Los Angeles, you do not really care about attracting customers that are in Houston, Texas or other cities all across the country.  Your trucks are only able to drive so far, so you need your marketing methods to be very concentrated within a short distance of your home office.  For these companies, local marketing is much more important than a broad SEO marketing program.  While SEO is important, marketing within your city or town is what will really drive people to your web site and eventually get customers in the door.  As a business you should be focused on your listings on Google Places as well as potentially PPC advertising based on local searches.  Implementing these tactics alone can drastically increase the traffic to your site and ultimately mean more business for your company.


Some SEO companies may try to tell you that you need a broader SEO package, but this is not always the case.  As long as you are targeting your local community for your desired services you should get the necessary return on your investment.  There is still a good bit of SEO involved in just ranking for local keywords such as “los angeles heating and air”.  If you approach your SEO the right way, you can get great results out of your efforts.


If you are looking for help with your local marketing campaign, you should reach out to a reputable firm which has plenty of experience in this type of SEO work.  180Fusion is a leading provider of local SEO services and would be happy to discuss how they could help drive traffic to your web site in a relatively short period of time.  Give them a call today at 1-877-321-4180 for more details on all of the local SEO services that they offer to customers all over the country.

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