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Why Businesses Need to Consider Working with Professional Social Media Marketers

With the ever-increasing number of social media users, businesses now a day really must consider the inevitable need for the use of building one’s brand via social media. According to a recent article by digital strategist, Craig Smith, there are over 1.06 billion Facebook active monthly users, 800 million YouTube users, 343 million Google+ active users, and 25 million active Pinterest users. These data demonstrate an astounding population and range of demographics interacting online via social media platforms each day.


Forbes recently published a post that was highly intuitive on the importance of businesses using social media. The post explained the need for businesses to build trust via social media, and we couldn’t agree more. Some of the points we felt were most relevant mentioned that through social media marketing services, businesses have the chance to interact with their customers, to be transparent, to demonstrate social responsibility, to entertain, and to demonstrate quick customer communication. Here are some of our thoughts that feed off those in the article.


Customer Interaction

To effectively interact with the rising generations, online interaction is the answer. Your customers will most likely be tweeting and talking about you, so you might as well join in on the conversation and offer a platform for them to do so. This way you can also see what is being said.  It also gives a personality to your business, which is something that everyone appreciates.



Through your social media platforms you can offer transparency about your company, ideas and anything else you want your market to see. This can help establish you as a brand expert and leader.


Social Responsibility

Are you doing something awesome that demonstrates your involvement in the community? Write about it! This is a great way to spread your brand around.



Offer stats and other interesting information about your company. Include sweepstakes and other activities that really get your market involved. In fact, at 180Fusion our social media marketers can help you set up your sweepstakes and get the word out!


Customer Communication

Participating in posts is a great way to offer feedback and answers questions that your customers have. It can be a resource for other customers, and establishes you as a company that cares about the customers.


As you can see, social media platforms are really important for businesses to get involved and to build trust. Working with professional social media marketers can really help boost your campaign and make all the difference in how you play the game. At 180Fusion, an expert social media marketer will help you create a customized social media marketing plan to reach your target market like never before. Call us today at 877-321-4180!

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