What is SERPs SEO?

Search Engine Results Page
A “SERP” is a “Search Engine Results Page”. They are different for every Google user.

There are a few important aspects of SERPs that are important for everyone in the marketing world to understand—both businesses and marketers. For instance, no two SERPs are the same. Google carefully tracks the online activity of every user, including page views, the types of searches they conduct, the type of search results they are most likely to choose, and even what they mean in their search query—all based on the user’s online activity. Google specifically tailors search results based on this user information, including user location, to provide the optimal page or search engine results.

So as a marketer or business owner, what does this mean for you? It’s quite simple, really. Each SERP page has two different types of search results: organic, and paid results. Organic results are websites that appear naturally due to the nature of Google’s algorithms—that is, ranking your page based on content, keywords, internal and external linking practices, relevance to the search query, etc. The second type of results is paid results—simply results that are paid to be displayed at the top of the SERP.

Understand that the competition for the top spots in a user’s SERP is heavy, arduous, and requires a great deal of campaigning and brand relevance. This is where technical SEO, and possibly employing an SEO company, can be critical to SERP success.