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What is Off Page Optimization – Social Media, Links, SEO

What is Off Page OptimizationWhen it comes to organic search engine optimization (SEO), there are two types of optimization that help a web page rise in the ranks of the search engines results pages (SERPs)…on page and off page optimization. On page is the more direct type of SEO. It is here that you create content, build tags, tweak navigation and so on to make your site as search engine friendly as possible. These are also all of the factors that you have direct control over.

Off page optimization is a bit trickier, but in some ways even more important. The most important aspect of off page optimization are the links that are pointing to your website…what they say, where they come from, how many of them there are and so on. Google especially values links in terms of placing a value of importance onto your website. In the early days of SEO, links could be easily acquired through various means, both paid and unpaid, but in the years since, search engines have now gotten smarter.

Search engines no longer like paid or irrelevant links pointing to your website, and they no longer like too many links coming from one source. All of these factors used to be easy to manipulate, but now are a bit more complex. Getting links to your website should happen naturally, through people discovering and sharing your content, or through site owners linking through legitimate means like guest blog posts and so on.

Another factor in off page optimization is social media. Any business worth their salt should have a social media profile, one that links back to their main website in a variety of ways, whether through daily deals or an information page. Social media has exploded, and it’s one way search engines value the importance of a website.

These are just some of the factors that go into off-site optimization. If you feel you could use some help managing your own off page optimization, call 180Fusion. We have experts in linking and social media that can help you gain the traction you need to gain the rankings you deserve.

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