What is IFTTT? The latest SEO Acronym Explored


IFTTT Definition

Successful SEO marketing in 2017 relies on a few key factors, with backlinks being one of the most influential. But the key to valuable backlinks is that the need to be “natural” or “organic,” meaning that they don’t look like you had any hand in creating them—something that can now hurt your marketing campaign. Social media has grown to become integral to internet marketing as a whole, especially building these organic links, and trends look like it will continue to become even more important in the future.

Link building techniques used to require a lot of work conducting keyword research and pushing content via guest blogging, but Google slammed this strategy in recent updates to their search algorithm. Because of the pressure from these changes, link-building is going through a revolution with tools like IFTTT that utilize social media to perform tasks for you automatically.

What is IFTTT and Why It Matters

IFTTT stands for “if this then that,” a simple rule that the tool follows to perform a wide array of useful and complex actions. The tool relies on what are called “triggers” and “recipes,” where any type of trigger that you set up (usually an action related to social media) will then call on a recipe, or follow-up action. Besides worrying about what you want the tool to do and when, the tool takes care of everything else.

what is ifttt recipe example

While the possible triggers and recipes you can use to help organize and automate your job with IFTTT are endless, so are its capabilities for gathering and organizing marketing data—you need to know what kind of information you want to be looking for. As a marketer, there are too many ways to utilize IFTTT to list them all, but below we’ll take a look at the top two.

Use IFTTT to Generate and Organize Content

A powerful use for IFTTT is its ability to monitor specific triggers all across the web at the same time and to organize then all of what it finds in one place for you to see. There are many ways you could do this, but one way you could set this up could be like this, “If: Facebook. Then: Google Drive.” Using this as an example, you could setup a trigger for Facebook like “new photo by anyone tagged,” in which case it would then ask you for what tag, or keyword, that you want to monitor. Your “recipe” could then send any of those new photos tagged with your keyword to a single Google document, giving you an idea of what’s going on with that keyword all over Facebook in one place which you can easily view. While this is one example of a useful utility IFTTT can provide to help you collect social media data and to generate ideas for new content and strategies, the identical structure can be customized completely to fit your campaign.

Use IFTTT to Automate Social Media

If you use social media to help your marketing campaign, chances are you use more than one platform. A tool like IFTTT can be extremely useful in helping you make your time more efficient in managing multiple platforms and accounts all at once. Using the same type of structure as in generating content ideas, you can set up a rule so using “If: Twitter. Then: Buffer.” Using the tool like this would mean that if you post a status or photo to Twitter, then the same thing should also then post to simultaneously to your Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or any other place that you choose, saving you time.

A true SEO strategy has several moving parts, many of which require a lot of time and effort to execute.  IFTTT- If This Than That, truly helps ease some level of automation to boost visibility and allow your social channels as an engine to amplify content.  It truly seems to be the direction the industry is going and can help in the time invested to ROI ratio most businesses desire.