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What is Google Webmaster Tools? A Brief Synopsis

What is Google Webmaster ToolsSeveral years ago, Google implemented a set of tools to help webmasters better diagnose their site and get in touch with Google should there be any problems with the indexing of their site, and vice versa. Dubbed “Webmaster Tools”, these new tools gave webmasters unprecedented (at the time) access to information that wasn’t available previously. There are many benefits to using Google Webmasters tools if you aren’t already. These include:

  • Showing you which keywords you’re ranking well for.
  • Showing you how many links are pointing to your site, and where they’re coming from.
  • Showing you which internal links Google sees on your website.
  • Allowing you to generate a robots.txt file easily.
  • Removing old URLs if you have recently changed them.
  • Editing your sitelinks (if you have them in your listings). Sitelinks are the 6-8 extra links shown beneath a listing to top level pages of a website.
  • A full suite of diagnostic tools to show crawling errors, statistics and malware.

Google’s Webmaster Tools gives you quite a bit of control over how Google sees your website, what it can do with it, and so on. If you run one or more websites, you owe it to yourself to put your site into Google Webmaster tools in order to gain access to this important suite of tools. If you need help getting your sites set up in Google Webmaster Tools, or need help disseminating the information it gives you once set up, contact 180Fusion. We can get you on Google Webmaster Tools and help make sense of it all, so you will be able to diagnose your websites more efficiently.

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