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What is Google Page Rank – How it Works and How it has Changed

What is Google Page RankIf you have Google’s toolbar installed in your browser, you may notice that there’s a small green and white bar that changes depending on the web page you’re on. This is the visual representation of Google’s lauded, hated and ultimately needed page rank. Page rank is a value given to a specific web page on a scale of nothing to ten. Notice how I didn’t say zero to ten. Some pages don’t have a page rank at all, while some have a page rank of zero, so there is a difference.

What, exactly, is Google’s page rank numeral and how is it calculated, you may be wondering. Page rank was developed by Google pioneers and founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were while students at Stanford University. It basically tried to find a way to organize the web and web search results based on “link popularity”. This means, the more times a page is linked to, the higher it will rank. This was a very basic version of page rank, and it has been improved since then — along with Google’s search algorithm — to prevent people from taking advantage, as they once did when Google first arrived. Back then, it was easy to simply point a bunch of useless links at a website and have it rank well.

These days, however, the game is much different. Page rank has evolved to take much more than the amount of links into account. Page rank now factors in the page rank of the page linking to your page, as well as its relevancy. It also measures the amount of time spent on a page, its age and several other important factors.

When talking about page rank, one must also talk about controversy surrounding it. The biggest use for Google’s page rank is mostly in the commodity of links…buying, selling, trading and the like. Google, however, doesn’t like paid links, but rather naturally built and received links, so its usefulness is a bit curtailed there. Many Internet marketers also question page rank’s value and usefulness, seeing it as an outmoded and outdated method of valuing a website.

With all of that being said, increasing your page rank through natural means of proper on-site (i.e. good content, navigation, etc) and off-site (natural link building, social media) SEO is the best way to increase the value of your site using this metric. That being said, page rank is only updated three to four times a year, so like much of SEO, part of the strategy is “hurry up and wait”. If you want more information on how to increase your page rank, contact 180Fusion, where we can create a full Internet marketing plan that will not only increase your page rank, but overall rankings as well.

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