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Using Google Maps SEO for Big Online Exposure for Offline Businesses

Some offline businesses struggle to make it online because they aren’t using Google Maps SEO. The thing is, Google’s way of listing local businesses is much different than it used to be. Years ago there was no special treatment for local businesses and they had to get by simply targeting geo terms, like “Chicago dentist” and hope for the best. Now with the inclusion of Google Maps as a part of Google’s search engine, local businesses have a much greater advantage if htey know how to use Google Maps. Those businesses who don’t get this will quickly be left behind and won’t get any exposure in Google’s search engine.

Google local SEO isn’t hard or tricky yet in most cases it is best left to a professional SEO firm. this is due to the fact that understanding how Google Maps and their search engines works together can be something of a stumbling block for companies. Just doing SEO for one of the other isn’t viable, both have to be taken into consideration. When a person does a search for something like “Chicago dentist” what comes up first will be Google Maps business listings, almost like a business directory. Getting on the top of this for a geo term is very powerful for local businesses who want to do local advertising.

The true power of this merging of Google Maps and their search engine is that it helps local businesses to target their very narrow local demographic much easier. Instead of advertising on a global scale, they are now focused on advertising to their local area thanks to Google Maps. This has worked wonders for businesses when it comes to increasing sales and lead generation. This is the main reason that many of these local businesses are turning to Google SEO services for help mastering this new and powerful way of doing things.

Another thing to consider is the fact that there are many factors that go into making a Google Maps business listing successful. Social proof such as testimonials, pictures, and information about the company all play a huge part in ensuring prospective customers get a good first impression. It is also very important to make it easy for potential customers to contact a business. Listing a phone number, email address, or website address is a great start. While an SEO firm will get a company all the exposure they could ever want, it is up to the company to make this business listing something that will attract plenty of customers.

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