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Social Media Marketing Services for Starters

Marketing online, and more typically social media marketing, is a concept that is relatively new to many businesses, especially local businesses that have been around for a long time. Some businesses might not participate because they can’t see the value that marketing online holds for them, or maybe they just don’t understand how it all works. These are both common concerns that span across businesses of many industries, but many businesses are soon realizing that what worked 10 years ago, most likely is not working as well today.


As younger generations have so much exposure to all things electronic and to such advanced technology, it only makes sense that they search online for products and services they are looking for, rather than from paper phonebooks and directories. And it has becomes the case for the majority of consumers to search online first before they go anywhere else for references/services/products. Because ease of access to the internet is a prominent feature of modern business and life, internet users are increasing everyday. With wifi hotspots and 4G wherever there is a demand, people can hold the resources of the internet in their hand. And this does not pertain to the younger generations only. According to Forrester Research, “Overall, 60% of seniors (those aged over 65 years old) are online, that’s more than 20 million Americans.”


Now that so many individuals have such easy access to the internet, we see why internet marketing can be important for businesses across every industry. Bringing these internet users to a common place where they can share information back and forth for all their other internet user friends to see would be something ideal for businesses, right? And that is where social media marketing comes in.


For businesses that are new to marketing online, social media might be something that has remained untested. According to Pew Research Center, as of August 2012, 69% of internet adult users use social networking sites. Facebook just announced that there are over 1.06 billion monthly active users on Facebook, according to CNET. That’s a lot of people, and a lot of potential to reach your target market.


For those who have questions about how social media marketing services could help their business, or how to get started, 180Fusion is an accredited leader in the social media marketing realm and we look forward to help you expand your business and reach your target market. Social media marketing is an opportunity to take advantage of, so call 180Fusion today at 877-321-4180!


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