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Show Love To Your SEO Strategy: 4 Must Haves in 2014

Search Engine Optimization is a buzz word that is on the lips of absolutely every online business, and there is little wonder why. When business success is so dependent on web traffic, a company needs to do all that it can in order to maximize the number of visitors reaching a website, e-commerce store, or any other kind of web page. The world of SEO is complex and is changing each day- “playing it by ear” is not an option for any company that wishes to gain competitive advantage in the online marketplace. Instead, businesses must create SEO strategies that actively implement effective SEO practices. These are the 4 must haves for your SEO strategy in 2014

1.      Create long-form content

In our social media age, long-form content often gets ignored. But in 2014, long-form content is set to make a resurgence. Human beings are natural story tellers — we learn about the people and the world around us through sharing anecdotes — and there is only so much that you can say in 140 characters or less.  Google and other search engines also appreciate that long-form content can be more useful for a target audience and consequently favors longer posts. When creating content that reaches into thousands of words, your business can effectively engage a niche audience and please Google at the same time.

2.      Think local

There was a time when location specific businesses were not thinking about the implications of SEO on business success at all. That is now beginning to change, and in 2014 we will see local businesses ramping up their SEO efforts like never before. While it is true that a pizzeria based in a particular local town has a limited reach because of its location specific nature, this no longer means that SEO can’t provide benefits to such businesses.  Google is placing a greater emphasis on local search than ever before with geo-targeted results that are based on a web user’s location. Local businesses can now improve discovery in their area by creating Google Places and Google + Local accounts and populating those accounts with useful content.

3.      Social sharing

The power and influence of social media platforms are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. For this reason, social media will continue to be an important factor for SEO success in 2014. Every business should have accounts on major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in order to engage with potential consumers and also to improve SEO performance by sharing social links. In 2014, you can improve your social media performance by looking into niche social media platforms within your business area. Even if they do not have as many followers as Facebook or Twitter, they could be powerful tools for reaching new consumers.

4.      Create content that is useful

What is absolutely essential to the success of any SEO strategy, whether created ten years ago or in 2014, is to place an emphasis on creating content that is genuinely useful, informative, and engaging for readers, and that is not simply designed with search engines in mind. If your content is genuinely useful, people will find it. If people find that content and love it, they will share it with their friends. When they share it with their friends, your brand value will increase, search engines will recognize this, and your page rank will be boosted.

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