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SEO Tips for Web Designers

In previous years, SEO professionals and webmasters never really got along. While both want to make a website functional, each have different ways of going about it that don’t always gel. Web designers are taught to use images and art, while SEO professionals are taught to use text, and the two don’t always work so well together. However, there are compromises and commonalities that can work to help both achieve their goals. Here are some tips I would give to web designers to help make their site more SEO friendly but which can also work within many different facets of web design:

  • Don’t be afraid of text: Sure, Flash and images might be prettier, but one can do a lot with CSS these days. Text can be made to be quite attractive and fitting to a wide variety of designs while still achieving the goal of being readable by SEO spiders. Images and Flash just don’t have the same power that plain text does when it comes to targeting keywords.
  • Keep image sizes small: This helps keep the page load time short, which search engines like Google definitely appreciate and take note of.
  • Keep code concise: In keeping with the small theme, having the page size be as small as possible also helps with page loading. This means having clean, concise code that is well-written and simple. Keep whitespace to an absolute minimum as well, if at all possible.
  • Keep interactive elements to a minimum: Interactive elements like forms, videos and such are great ways to interact with users, but can get in the way of a site’s usability if overused, and can cause search engine spiders to get stuck if the code to use them is too convoluted.

These are just some SEO tips for web design professionals that I’ve used over my career to have a website work well for all parties involved. If you’re a web designer and you’re frustrated regarding SEO for your own web site or sites, give 180fusion a call. With talented SEO professionals, we can help you walk that fine line between design and usability.

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