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SEO Performance Metrics

If you are running an SEO campaign for your first time, it can be difficult to know which SEO metrics are the most valuable, and which SEO metrics you should be meticulously tracking.

Before you start tracking any metrics, it is critical to define your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Which metrics will define the success or failure of your SEO campaign? These should be specifically outlined and planned even before the launch of your SEO campaign.

Organic Traffic

“Organic” search traffic is any traffic that comes to your page organically, or from a standard Google search query. Essentially, search traffic that is free. This is usuallySEO Search Word SEO metrics a result of keyword and content performance. Track how your keywords are performing individually, and whether or not you need to implement new keywords.


Creating a diverse backlinking portfolio is critical to SEO performance, and likely will be for the foreseeable future— you can read more about backlinking here.

User Behavior

  • Returning users: is your site making an impression on users, and are they coming back?
  • Bounce rate: are people exiting your website before navigating further? While this isn’t always a bad number (for example, users could be finding what they need on the first page), it is still indicative of whether or not your website is engaging to a visitor.
  • Pages per visitor: this is where internal linking can be effective. Linking to other pages on your site can keep your users on your website, and likely increase your returning user rate.
  • Average time on page: what is the average amount of time that a user spends on your page? This can also help you better understand your bounce rate. If you have a high average time on page and a high bounce rate, it’s like that you page viewers are finding everything they need on the first page. Consider internal linking, and other practices to encourage further site navigation.

Remember that Google is most focused on user experience. If any of these metrics aren’t performing well, your site simply isn’t going to rank well.

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