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SEO for Google Places

This is key for all businesses running local SEO campaigns.

While Google already lists information for each business, a Google Places page gives you the flexibility to choose what information Google displays. Daily, more and more searches are focused on a local level. If you optimize your Google Places page using SEO best practices, ranking on the front page and on the top of SERPs is more likely—something that is only beneficial for your local business.

Google Places tips for local SEOProvide Complete Information

Google, now more than ever before, is focused on the optimal user experience. You are more likely to attract page views, user attention, and favoritism from Google if you provide the best possible user experience. This includes a thorough outline of business hours, your website, phone number, and menu if you are in the restaurant industry. Do more than fill out the minimum fields required. Fill out as much information as you possibly can.

Implement Keywords

Keywords should be very carefully placed. Unless keywords are a part of your business name, don’t place them there. The only place you should implement keywords? In your business description. Even then, you need to carefully adhere to content best practices: only use the keywords a few times, in a relevant context, and within a field of useful and informative content.

Generate Authentic Customer Reviews

Users and customers are more likely to review a location if they have a bad experience. If you want to rank well and encourage people to visit your business, you need more reviews from the positive side of the spectrum—this doesn’t mean you pay your friends and family to spam your review section with five stars. This means you find ways to meaningfully engage with your customers, be it through text messages or email, and encourage them to leave engaging and authentic reviews.


In some cases, utilizing the expertise of an SEO company can help your local business rank even better. Learn more about optimizing your on-page content, and targeting the most lucrative areas.

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Mike Rosa

Mike Rosa

Mike Rosa is Director of Internet Marketing at 180fusion, and oversees SEO, Local Search Marketing, PPC, Facebook Marketing, and Social Media campaigns for nearly 1,000 different businesses. With 6 years of industry experience to back him up, and an excellent leadership track record, Mike is responsible for crafting new client solution strategies to support ROI growth for all of our SMB and Enterprise clients. Mike is expressly concerned with helping augment ROI on business owners’ digital marketing investments, and create what he calls “shared wins.”

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