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Professional “White-Hat” SEO

Building and maintaining a positive online image is of the utmost importance for any business with an online presence. That’s why so many companies have enlisted the help of search engine optimization (SEO) professionals to help move positive information about their companies to the top of search engine results lists. Of equal importance to building your own positive online image is making sure that you partner with a professional SEO company that has an outstanding reputation themselves.

Is SEO Considered Unethical? Isn’t it Cheating the System?

SEO itself is not unethical. Every individual and business entity has the right to defend its reputation online by making positive information more visible and negative information less visible. It’s also totally ethical to create incredible websites with engaging content that make them more relevant to search engines and ultimately more useful for those doing the searching. That’s really what ethical SEO is all about. Companies like Google know that SEO is going on and allows it. But they have established certain rules for the industry known as best practices. When best practices are employed, SEO is totally ethical and acceptable to search engines. When best practices are ignored, high search results may be attainable in the short run, but eventually, SEO companies that employ these “black hat” techniques will eventually be identified and punished by search engines. This could include exclusion from the search engine results list entirely. That’s the last thing any business owner would want for their company.

SEO is not really cheating the system when it’s done ethically. 180Fusion employs only “white hat” methods to achieve outstanding results for our clients. That means that we operate within the rules which Google has established and are able to attain fantastic results for our clients that are sustainable in the long run. This is primarily done by improving online content. When designing a website, for example, there are certain things that Google “likes” to see and certain things that it “dislikes.” Thus, we specialize in professional website design that specifically matches the requirements that search engines seek after in returning relevant results. Websites are also rewarded for producing new and relevant information regularly. 180Fusion specializes in creating genuinely positive content for websites that help them appear more relevant to search engines. This includes blogs, videos, articles, etc.

How Can I find out about an SEO Company’s Ethical Position?

Take a look at their track record! Talk to former and current customers and learn about their success stories. You can even ask them to explain the types of techniques that they employ and ask them if their results are sustainable in the long run. Remember–you want to find firms that utilize only “white hat” tactics that are completely within the rules established by the search engines.

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