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Practical SEO Tips For Small Business: Five Tips To Get More Followers On Twitter

With all the recent changes in Google algorithms lately, social signals rank at the very top for ways to improve your overall page rank. There are many practical tips for small business to help drive additional traffic and ranking signals. One of the best is to get more followers on your Twitter account. This is not as difficult as you might think. Using the techniques below you can absolutely crush it on Twitter! Here’s how:


  1. Use Top Tweeters To Re-tweet For You -One of the fastest ways to get more followers is to locate top tweeters in your niche and ask them to re-tweet your posts, tweets and shares. There are many people at the top of your niche that will be glad to do this for you or will do so for a small fee. This is a great way to get more followers and get your message out on a huge level.


  1. Use TwiendsTwiends is a great social media sharing platform that works exceptionally well with Twitter. By simply logging in to your Twitter account and then starting your Twiends account, the two work together for you to generate huge numbers of fans in your related niche. The site is approved by Twitter and only real people will follow you. This is a way to grow real Twitter fans almost on autopilot while being able to direct exactly the kind of people that are interested in what you have to say.


  1. Get Celebrities / Famous People To Follow You — By sending out daily messages which can be directed by using @message,even if you are not following them, this information will appear on your profile page. The best part about this is, if the celebrity responds to you, suddenly you will be visible by thousands even millions of their followers! You can also re-tweet this for additional exposure. This is a great way to get the attention of lots of people and plenty of new followers.


  1. Follow People With The Same Niche And Then Follow Some Of Their Followers — When you discover people in your niche that have more followers than you, simply follow them and then begin to follow some of their followers. Keep in mind that you should only follow a percentage of these people (like 20%) and spread this tactic around with other top ranking people in your niche. Remember only do a percentage of the followers so you don’t upset the person’s account you are tapping.


  1. Un-follow People Who Do Not Follow You Back — It is important that you un-follow people who are not following you. This becomes more important for you to avoid any kind of follow limitations. It is best to have more people following you then you are following people. Most people will not un- follow people because it can be a laborious task. Here is a great tool that can accomplish this for you daily with just a few clicks:


There are many other useful tactics that you should take the time to research when it comes to SEO for small business. Never forget that ongoing tweets are part of the social signals that Google is always looking for to increase page rank of your sites. Use these tactics today and see your Twitter followers grow rapidly as well as page rank of associated websites.

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