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Local SEO is where it’s at.

At least, we think so. And so does eBay.

eBay became hyper local today with the acquisition of is similar to Groupon in that allows users to discover local businesses with deals. The acquisition may have cost them $135 million up front, but it not only adds another vertical to their belt. More importantly, it adds the opportunity to take their piece of the growing local commerce movement.

eBay has obviously been reading the same headlines that we have. Targeting your local market is becoming more and more important every day. Microsoft’s Stefan Weitz confirmed in November of last year that according to their data 53% of mobile searches conducted on Bing have local intent. Google says that 20% of all of their searches are related to location. Those numbers seem obscure unless you quantify them. What those statistics mean to you: billions of searches per month are for local products and services.

As more and more people use mobile devices and social platforms to search for local products and services, the importance of local data becomes increasingly more critical — no matter what size your business is. The harsh reality is that your business is online and there is information about your business available to consumers whether you put it there or not. What business owner doesn’t want to control their reputation and information? If you just went online and searched for your business (I don’t blame you), I’m sure you came up with pages of results for your own company. Do you have the time to manage all of that data? Did you discover any errors? How many potential clients do you think are lost because of inaccurate information or information that simply doesn’t represent your company well?

180fusion offers a full suite of services related to local. We can help you manage your online reputation, your listings in the most trafficked directories and more importantly — we will increase your local SEO results. By joining forces with us, you will increase your popularity with your local market as well as the search engines.

So, if you can’t afford to purchase a website offering local deals like to increase your revenue stream, I highly recommend making a small investment towards your local SEO rankings by calling us today at 877-678-4180.

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