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Learn How to Do SEO – White Hat Search Engine Optimization Training

White Hat Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization — commonly known as SEO — is a cottage industry that was created out of a need and a desire to rank well on Internet search engines. When SEO was created at least fifteen years ago, it was a completely different animal than it is today. In the early days of SEO, you could write a bunch of hidden copy, put up hidden links on your page and have irrelevant, useless links pointing to your page and so on. This is called black hat SEO, and is still done by quite a bit of people in order to try and fool the engines into giving their websites better rankings.

Doing proper, honest SEO is called white hat SEO, and it’s the type of SEO you should learn how to do if you want both rankings and long lasting, stable results. White hat SEO is an honest form of SEO that works within the quality guidelines set up by the search engines themselves (which you need to be familiar with if you want to do proper SEO anyway). Search engines want SEO professions to make their sites for its users, rather than for themselves. They want:

  • Good content. Back in the day you could write any gobbledygook you wanted with enough keywords in it, and you’d get ranked. Now, Google for example wants you to be an authority on your subject matter, which means well written content that’s useful and reliable.
  • Interactivity. Search engines really like it when users can leave reviews, comments, forum posts and the like.
  • Simplicity. Search engines like to be able to spider your site easily. This means simple links, navigation, URL structure and so on. Flash is good, but substance is better.
  • Dedication. Search engines want a site that’s updated regularly and that plans to be around for a while.

These are just some of the factors that go into learning how to do SEO. If you need help, 180Fusion offers a complete SEO Training program that will help you get up to speed and give you a solid foundation upon which to begin your SEO career. SEO is a vibrant and dynamic industry, and it’s one that will always be in need, either in an agency, as a freelancer, or internally for a specific company, and now is the time to hit the ground running.

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