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How to Do SEO For My WebsiteIf you have your own website, be it a blog or an e-commerce platform, you want to get ranked in the search engines for the terms you value most highly. This entails learning how to do at least some basic Search Engine Optimization (commonly known as SEO).

Search Engine Optimization is a process by which a website is built or revised based on a series of best practices and Search Engine Webmaster guidelines which give the webmaster or SEO professional the tools they need to make the site friendly for search engine spiders to crawl through.

Each search engine has their own series of webmaster guidelines, but they all come down to a few simple points:

  • Be honest. Don’t try to fool the engines with hidden text, links, doorway pages, or content you copied from someone else.
  • Keep things simple. Keep a site’s architechture and foundation as simple as possible. This means simple, short URLs, text-based navigation and clean source code, for example.

Simply following these points will put you on the right track, though you should familiarize yourself with the guidelines for these search engines regardless. As for best practices, some of these include:

  • Find the best keywords. Using a tool like Google’s AdWords keyword tool, you can research the best keywords to give you both short and long-tail traffic. Keywords are the backbone of any SEO campaign, so it’s worth taking the time to do the research.
  • Make sure your title tags, meta tags, H1 tags and copy all contain these keywords, but not randomly. They have to be both focused and conservative (i.e. not put in too much).
  • Constantly update your website with new content, using both on-site and off-site social media platforms. Search engines love good, updated content.

These are just a few things one should keep in mind when optimizing their own website. If you feel you need help, contact 180fusion. We can not only help you create or manage an SEO campaign, but offer full SEO training programs to help you learn more about this relatively new field.

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