How To Crush SEO By Using Your Competition

Sometimes you’ve got to fight fire with fire. and in the world of marketing, a healthy understanding of your competitions’ tactics can be indispensable. With so many strategies running the risk of being perceived as overwrought, a keen eye on the competition as well as its strengths and weaknesses can make all of the difference. The next time you want to bring your A-game to your SEO campaign, consider taking a few plays from your competition’s handbook.

Here’s how:

Get Content Ideas

By now, you know that solid content posts beget a successful SEO campaign. If you’ve been consistent with your blog posts and content, it can be hard to come up with innovative content to write about. Here’s where the content of your competition can come in hand. Of course, you don’t want to actually copy their content. Instead, you’ll want to look at their content and figure out how you can tackle their topics from a new point of view. Consider the topics they’ve left out and could use. Using the content of your competition to drive new ideas is a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

Follow Their Followers

All businesses these days know social media marketing will be key to their success. Still, even if you’ve already cultivated a decent number of followers, it’s likely that your competitors have as well. Don’t overlook your shared target audience as an opportunity to give you a leg up, though. Most of your competitors’ followers will be interested in the services your brand has to offer as well, especially if they’re relevant to their interests and offer competitive rates. Lure in your competitions audience and make them aware of your own services by following them on social channels like Twitter and Facebook. Bringing your brand to their attention in this way will boost audience interest, and drive more traffic to your site and away from the competition.

Brand Differentiation

Information about your smart strategies isn’t restricted to the channel between you and your target audience. Everyone can access a company’s marketing strategy by simply looking into their content, website and social media engagement efforts. Use this public information to your advantage. Monitor these aspects of your competitor’s SEO strategy to garner a better understanding of what makes their brands successful and not so successful. By looking into these aspects you’ll learn more about how to make your business stand out. Maneuver around your competition and get ahead by using this information to understand how to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Steal Their Link Strategy

It’s a no-brainer that links are a hot commodity when it comes to SEO. As such, your business should aim to keep itself familiar with which sites are linking to your competitors. Moz’s Open Site Explorer can help you to discover what sites on the internet are providing the links to your competitors. Likely these sites belong to other blogs or industry owners that could do your own site a world of good. Get in touch with them to show them how linking your own pages would be better for your brand and its site traffic. Typically, providing them with an opportunity to create a guest blog post or receive a discount o  gift is the smart way to go.

Discover Their Weaknesses

Look into your competitor’s site and brand to discover where you hold an advantage. Does your competitor have bad reviews or lack a meaningful Snapchat strategy, step up your game even more. Fine-tune your local SEO efforts or be more consistent with your Snapchat advertising campaign. Think of these gaps in their strategies as uncharted waters for you to fish in.  Just as you’re always looking into your competition’s strengths you should also always be monitoring them for their weaknesses. Your optimized strategies will conquer in the fields where competition is reduced every time.

Create A Relationship and Do Guest Posts

Here’s where the concept of “crushing” your competition gets dialed back a few. While it’s easy to get wrapped up in the spirit of “rivalry” when facing your competitors, it’s important to remember you’re in the same battle to success. As such don’t close yourself off to opportunities that could come with a healthy working relationship with them. Consider contacting them about opportunities to exchange guest posts on each other’s blogs. Getting such a promotion from your competitors can expand your audience and also open doors to posts on other sites.