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Five Reasons SEO is Key to Your Online Business

SEO has been a part of the digital marketing game in some form or another for roughly a decade now. While SEO as a concept has changed over time, its role as a necessity to online business growth has only increased. Today’s digital marketing experts recommend SEO as part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy in order to achieve optimal online presence. Here are the five reasons why you should listen to the experts and let SEO work for you:

#1 – SEO is an investment

While some companies might decide against SEO due to high fees, the return on your investment is well worth the initial cost. The average optimized site makes approximately five times their initial investment back within the first six months of services. If you’re willing to allow SEO the appropriate amount of time to generate results, you can count on increased revenue and more qualified leads for your business.

#2 – SEO Helps Search Engines Help You

Users search for what interests them, which means they’re essentially pre-sold on whatever they’re searching for. SEO takes that interest and directs it towards your site rather than leaving your site to wait for unqualified traffic to run into your site coincidentally. Studies also report that bounce rates are typically much lower with organic search results in comparison to paid advertising.

#3 – SEO Will Work – Even While You’re Not

SEO works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter how many clicks or sales you’ve received as a result of your optimization. By optimizing your site, you’re purchasing valuable real estate in the search engine results, which will help direct users to your business with minimal effort on your part. While paid search is effective, it also has its limits. Once you’ve reached your daily budget, your listing disappears from the view of thousands of potential customers. With SEO services, your business has access to prime real estate in organic search results, with 3X the click through rate over any paid advertising and no limits or additional spending.

#4 – Web Growth Spells Business Growth

The advent of mobile technology and social media-based communication is in full swing. The amount of search queries search engines experience each year is steadily rising, which means that search engines are slowly but surely becoming the next center of commerce. Beginning your SEO services now will give your business the boost it needs to stay at the top of the search results, no matter how big the Web gets.

#5 – SEO Makes Your Business More Attractive

Users consciously and subconsciously pay attention to search engine rankings. The higher a site is listed on the results page, the more credible your business appears. Sites with higher rankings, statistically, are more frequently bookmarked, and their content is more thoroughly digested by users. In short, the more confidence Google or Bing! have in your site, the more confident a user will be in clicking on your company’s name.

Choosing to ignore SEO is choosing to ignore one of the Internet’s most effective and potentially lucrative opportunities. As the web continues to expand, only the most trusted sites will see the free, qualified traffic that drives online success. The sooner you can take advantage of what SEO has to offer, the sooner your company will be able to reap the benefits of stronger click-through rates, increased qualified traffic, and enhanced online presence.

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