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Finding A Local SEO Company Can Be A Difficult Task

Standard SEO Marketing and Local SEO are two completely different animals.  A Local SEO company must be well versed in what it takes to get you to the top of your local search engine listings.  This involves doing several things really well to get your desired results. To get your desired results, here are a few tips that you can implement in your company.


  • Pick good local keywords.  This is probably the most important piece to gaining local rankings in your city or town.  You need to analyze all of the potential keywords out there and decide which ones are generating the most traffic and use those sporadically throughout your web site. A good rule of thumb is to use keywords 1-2% per page which works out to about once every 100 words.  If you are having trouble coming up with effective local keywords, you should enlist the services of a Local SEO company.
  • Ensure that all of your local content is up to date.   This includes all of your contact information on your web site as well as your contact information on all of your social media profiles.  This can be a quite daunting task if you have a large company which utilizes all of the different social media outlets.  You also want to periodically check online resources such as White pages and Google Places to ensure that your content is correct.
  • Provide great content.  No matter the search engine algorithm, Google and other search engines continue to reward sites which have strong content that is constantly growing.  Posting several times to your company’s site each week with keyword rich content that is not too spammy can do wonders for your local SEO rankings. You want to make sure that your content is valuable and people will want to read it. Google will really take into consideration if people are sharing your content to others.


If you are in the market for a local SEO company you should give 180fusion a call today!  They are a leader in the SEO field and can be trusted to get you to the top of your local search rankings.  They were recently voted “Best In Search” by TopSEOs which shows that they have what it takes to help your company climb out of the depths of the search rankings.

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