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Facebook Ads: 4 Things You Must Know To Make Money

Facebook advertisements have a great appeal. They are more affordable than Google Adwords. You are also able to highly target your ads to location, as well as a variety of demographic criteria that you might need. In addition, most people on Facebook are in a relaxed mood and are receptive to targeted advertising. You are certain to find lots of good ways to benefit from Facebook ads and I want to share a few of these with you.   There is just one caveat; you must contend with ways to utilize your ads more effectively to make money. Here are four tips that you can do right now to make sure your advertising dollars are well spent on Facebook:

  1. Go Mobile With Your Advertising — There was a recent study by demonstrating how mobile ads are capable of earning almost 3 times more than traditional desktop ads. Mobile marketing continues to grow in leaps and bounds and making sure that your ads are mobile too, is one of the quickest ways to double or even triple your returns out of the gate.
  1. Offer A FREE Giveaway To Generate Thousands Of Leads — Instead of trying to sell directly in your advertisements, offer something for free to get people signed up to your mailing list. This will allow you to continue to advertise to the same people that showed an interest in your products and services without having to pay for future ads. Building a mailing list is a very solid way to get the most bang for your advertising buck.
  2. Highly Target Your Own Fan Base — Now that Facebook offers the ability for you to boost your posts, it only makes sense to target you’re your fans with your products, services and opt ins. This will work much better for you because your fan base wants to hear from you on a regular basis. If you are selecting the correct products and services that you know your fan base will love, your conversions can be as high as 10%. Make sure you understand what your fan base wants and provide this to them on a regular basis. Remember to only target your FANS with promoted posts so people outside your page will not consider these promotions as SPAM.
  3. Use Advanced Targeting Features To Increase Conversions — I bet you know a lot about your market, so why aren’t you targeting these people with your ads? Using advanced targeting features will help you to increase conversions because you can set demographic requirements for the people who see your ads. Do not use the generic settings that Facebook offers. Use the targeting to select the characteristics of the people who respond most to your advertising.

These four tips will greatly help you turn your ads into a lucrative moneymaking machine. Take the time to properly place the correct kind of ads that will generate interest to you and your business and deliver exactly what your target niche is looking for.

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