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Easy to Use Meta Data Optimization Tips

Meta Data Optimization TipsMeta tags used to be some of the most important tags on a web page, allowing website owners to give search engines information on exactly what a page contains and what it’s about. In recent years, however, search engines have taken to preferring actual, readable text on a web page in order to get an idea of what the page is about, and meta tags have fallen greatly in importance since then. Regardless, meta tags are still important and should be part of any search engine optimization (seo) services company’s best practices.

If you are doing meta tags on your own, however, here are some helpful hints for the two that matter most, the description tag and the keyword tag. First, both tags need to be unique to each page in order for search engines to better differentiate your pages and your content. Duplicate tags are a fairly big no-no in SEO.

Now, for the description tag, you want to keep it to a sentence or two and create copy using your most valuable keywords. A tag longer than 255 characters is too long, so keeping your tag concise and to the point is important. Depending on how many keywords you have per page, you want to include two or three of them in your copy to make sure they’re shown to be important.

For the keyword tag, you also want to keep this to 255 characters or less, and also varied depending on the page. Different pages should have different sets of keywords, and the amount of keywords should be somewhat related to the amount of copy on the page. It is common practice to put all of your keywords on your home page while putting page-specific keywords on internal pages.

These tips should help you master the meta tags in short order. Remember that meta tags are a small facet of what should go into a website, and if you need help coming up with an Internet marketing plan that includes more than simply meta tags, contact 180Fusion.

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