Custom Web Design and Blog Solutions

Your business design should be unique and reflect your brand.

The most widely accepted blogging platform today is WordPress, and for a variety of excellent reasons. Unlike other blog applications available, WordPress allows complete control over blog optimization and page design for the most professional looking blogging site possible. The advanced technology allows the latest innovations to be added for continual 21st century involvement. This dynamic user-generated publishing tool provides your business blog with polish, power and personality. While there are thousands of templates available, your brand and company will be best represented with custom design. The 180Fusion team has been deeply entrenched in design and publishing for years. Through experience, we have learned the most beneficial custom blog format for business today.

Custom design allows your business top quality user engagement.

Clean features, interesting SEO content and blog optimization published with top quality images are the most effective environments for audience interaction. A custom design by 180Fusion Marketing presents your visitors with the ultimate in professional magazine style publishing not found on the cluttered mainstream template designs. The inclusion of relevant imagery in every blog post has proven to engage traffic interest longer. The majority of blogs that do not employ photos and graphic art in their posts, lack the magic to keep people engaged long enough to read an entire post. Greater groups of followers are gathered with images and well written blog posts.

Savvy businesses maintain a custom blog regularly.

The more often your new posts are scheduled, the easier it is to attract a loyal and increasing group of regular readers. Your target audience is hungry for fresh, original information on their interests and concerns. For small business, your blog can be a great place for personal interaction — customers and prospects want to get to know you. Put some fun and personality in every post and leave the solid business side of your company on the website. Remember, this is social media. Here a little more relaxed and friendly approach will bring you a bigger audience.

A custom design that beautifully presents all that you have to share with them, influences how your customers and possible new clients perceive your business and products or services. Never shut off the comment feature, you need the perspective your reader’s thoughts, opinions and questions can give you on your brand, service and business. The data collected in reader comments can be a great addition to your internet marketing metrics and research.

Blog optimization is necessary to getting search generated blog traffic.

Unlike the casual blogger, your business blog serves your internet marketing and social media marketing strategies, in a number of ways. None of which will benefit your company or brand, without the presence of the right keywords and blog topics. This makes blog optimization as vital to your efforts in user-generated publishing as a custom design does. Blog optimization ensures your blog posts are indexed by the major search engines. For offsite blogging, optimizing generates high quality, relevant inbound links. With an optimized onsite blog, organic search visitors that arrive on indexed blog article pages are provided with high quality internal links. Making it a cinch to further research their needs and interests on what you have to offer – without ever leaving your site.

Your blog can shine with 180Fusion custom blog optimization and design services.

A custom blog is perfect for giving your audience a different perspective from the one they find on your business website pages. You can add a more tailored personality to the design of a custom blog for business, than is possible when using a template created to appeal to the masses by mainstream designers. It is far more cost-effective to start fresh with your custom design, than it is to customize and redesign a pre-made template. The finished effect will be much more polished and attractive too. You cannot find a better looking blog for your social media broadcasting than the individualized designs we create just for your entity and brand at 180Fusion Marketing.