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Case Study: Conversion Rate Optimizer

Case Study: Conversion Rate Optimizer


Type of Site: eCommerce, selling high-end residential salt-free water softener systems.

The Situation: NuvoH2O came to 180Fusion to help them increase the profitability of their eCommerce website. Since most of the traffic to their site is generated from infomercials shown on TV, they needed to find ways in reduce user friction and anxiety for users visiting their site during the investigative research process

The Solution: 180Fusion immediately began designing A/B split tests with the goal of adding “trust elements” to the existing homepage in order to decrease user anxiety. An alternate version of their homepage was created by the Conversion Rate Optimization team with a “trust ribbon” added just below the main masthead (banner) area of their homepage in order to improve user trust above the fold. This new homepage variation was then loaded up onto a landing page testing platform to have inbound traffic split evenly between the Original Page and the new variation to see which would create more conversions.


The Results: The test of this new variation of the homepage created a significant lift to NuvoH2O’s Total Conversions and Conversion Rate within just the first week of testing 222

The alternate homepage with the “trust ribbon” area improved the overall Conversion Rate of the page from 2.6% to 3.0%, creating an instant 18.1% increase to Total Conversions and to Revenue.

The Results – (Updated 9/15): Continuous testing of landing page elements over the past 15 months has generated multiple individual improvements to overall page performance, which have together led to an exponential increase in landing page conversion rates, and have generated improvements to the general look and feel of the page:


The most recent landing page test, which involved conducting a second round of “primary value proposition” headline testing, generated an additional 21.6% increase to Conversion Rates versus the previous iteration the page.


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