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Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

When you ask the typical business owner if he or she needs search engine optimization, many of these professionals will cringe. After all, isn’t SEO supposed to be dead? Articles are everywhere from so called ‘experts’ who decry how Google’s war on those trying to game the system is finishing SEO for good.

“Run for the hills!” seems to be the advice and SEO agencies, marketers and online businesses react like Chicken Little; running for cover after every update Google has to offer.

While the images of doom and gloom happen when algorithm changes occur, one truth holds fast; SEO is NOT dead. SEO has transformed into something almost better if you really see the big picture.

Of course, high quality linkbuilding will always be at the crux of successful SEO. Now we are heralding in a new era; social media is now the king of ranking signals when combined with high quality backlinking. Now you can actually win at the page rank game again if you know what Google is doing.

With all of this in mind, here are some really powerful reasons why your business will need SEO. Understanding these factors are important because all of these reasons are foundational for your continued success:

  1. Google’s Algorithms Are Based On Keywords — No matter how much Matt Cutts says keyword based SEO can’t keep up with their room full of PhD’s and their constant algorithm tweaks, the simple fact is SEO is here to stay. It still works as long as social signals are factored into the equation. Plenty of case studies, post Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, verify this.
  1. SEO Is Very Cost Effective And It Works— Organic SEO will forever remain the bedrock of your company’s search results, epically local searches. SEO may not pack as much of a punch like PPC, but it is many times more cost effective and has a good ROI. For local business, clients / customers check local searches and reviews before they visit a place to do business. This trend is still growing, and not to have a good profile online is like committing business suicide. All of these factors tie into your search engine optimization and are necessary for continued success.
  1. All Of Your Competitors Are Using SEO — Every business now knows the importance of marketing to reach their target niche. Best of all, local SEO is a microcosm of the larger picture; so you can dominate your local area in the search engines, even outperforming the big guys.
  1. Mobile Searches Are Exploding — Mobile devices of all kinds are exploding on the scene. There are currently more mobile devices searching online than desktops. The latest mobile searches for local, regional and even national companies are changing the face of search marketing. You can grab your market share and drive local searches right to your business even faster than traditional desktop search marketing and for a fraction of the price. SEO factors into this.

Your business must have a marketing plan in place, now more than ever. The opportunities that exist for search engine optimization to tap are essentially limitless. Take the time to use search engine optimization to your fullest advantage and work daily to grow your online presence as it reaches so many other good avenues of marketing.

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