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Basic SEO Tips to Get Started with Your Own Website

If you are starting a new business, and plan to launch a website advertising your products and services so that people can either buy them online or come into your store (or both), you want to incorporate some basic SEO functionality right at the start. I’m going to give you some SEO tips that should help at least set a good, solid foundation for any new (or existing) website to get started in achieving organic search engine results.

First off, you have to figure out what your keywords will be. If you’re just starting out, you won’t be able to rank for generic keywords (i.e. “shoes” or “electronics”) for a long time — if ever — so you should focus your research on targeted, niche keywords that will give you traffic in the short term. You can do keyword research in a variety of ways, from Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery to Google’s AdWords tool. When you have a good set of keywords, you can then move onto the foundation of your site.

A website is a framework of pages on various topics, from product pages to informational pages, and each of those pages needs a wide amount of variation. Custom title tags, meta tags, content and so on. The keywords are the glue in which you put all of these together. Each page should focus on a few keywords, and those keywords should be in the tags and the content, but not too much. You want to avoid keyword stuffing whenever possible.

A website’s navigation should also incorporate your keywords, as well, and be comprised of simple text links. This makes it easier for search engine spiders to find your content and use those important keywords to increase the importance of those words in the eyes of the search engines. You also want to, if possible, incorporate the keywords into your site’s URL structure. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but if you can, it’s good practice.

It’s also important to have as simple a URL structure as possible. Many e-commerce platforms, for example, spout out ridiculously long URLs full of variables. Search engines have a hard time following long URLs and can even get stuck and give up indexing your website, so you want as clean and simple a URL structure as possible.

These are just some simple tips that can help your site have a solid SEO foundation and help get it off the ground. SEO is an ongoing proposition, however, and if you find you need help maintaining your SEO strategy effectively, contact 180fusion today and let us help manage your SEO. We can help manage content generation, give suggestions as to keywords, site changes and much more.

Let us help you do what you love, run your business, while we run your SEO implementation.

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