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A Primer on Google Analytics Part 3: Content

The “Content” section of Google Analytics allows you to see how people are finding your website based on your content, as well as which content is the most valuable and which content generates the most traffic. As in previous sections, the “Overview” screen gives a brief rundown as to the most popular pieces of content on your site, with links to information such as “Entrance Paths” and “Entrance Sources” which look at how people found your content.

The next section, “Top Content”, allows you to see a snapshot of the most popular pages on your site, including how many overall pageviews, unique views, bounce rate and so on. Clicking on any of these individual entries shows you more detail and also allows you to see a “Navigation Summary”, “Entrance Paths”, “Entrance Sources” and “Entrance Keywords”, all of which are self explanatory and give you even more information about how people came to this one particular page, including specific keywords, referrals and so on.

“Content by Title” is similar to the “Top Content” page in every respect except that showing the content’s URL, it shows the title of the page. Clicking on a title, in fact, takes you to the same information you would get from the “Top Content” page, and it’s the same with the “Content Drilldown” section and “Top Landing Pages”. These pages show you much of the same data, though present it differently in case you have a preferred method of viewing your data (i.e. by title, by URL, etc).

“Top Exit Pages” show which pages upon which users left your site, which can be very helpful in diagnosis issues with landing pages or other pages wherein users might get impatient or bored and decide to leave your site. Finally, “In-Page Statistics” allows you to see statistics as you go through your site in a small window, giving you a visual representation of clicks, goals, traffic and so on. This is in beta form and could change from the time of this writing.

Overall, the “Content” section of Google Analytics gives you a plethora of information about the most popular content on your sight, and helps give you insight as to why it’s popular, how people found it and so on. This can be very useful in site diagnosis, strategy implementation and so on.

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