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6 SEO Resolutions You Need To Make In 2017


It’s that time of year again. As 2016 draws to a close, businesses are ringing in 2017 with fresh SEO strategies. If you haven’t already mastered how to increase view count of your site, it’s time to learn – mastering SEO and online marketing is no longer optional in 2017.

This past year saw some big changes that turned search engine optimization tactics on their head, and next year will be no different. Keep these top SEO trends in mind for your upcoming 2017 SEO resolutions:

Be Better About Mobile Experiences

The word “mobile” was undoubtedly 2016’s biggest marketing term. The forecast for 2017 says it’s here to stay. In fact, with Google continuing to put an emphasis on mobile-friendly updates, there’s no doubt everyone’s putting their money on the increase of mobile favoritism.

At the top of your new year’s resolution list put an underline on “mobile experiences,” especially if you want to attract a millennial audience. Google has been getting serious about users’ mobile experience over the past year. With 65% of online searches coming from Google users, SEO proofing your mobile site won’t ensure that it makes the grade this coming year. Build online interactions that are convenient, accessible, and natural for customers on mobile devices.

Get On Video

Dot your I’s and cross your T’s by getting on board with a strategy that isn’t being marked as an alternative in 2017. That’s because video will be imperative. Coming across a live stream on Facebook or Twitter has become an inevitable for users as 2016 comes to a close. Mobile users are hungry for content that keeps them occupied and video is doing the deed. Help out your site’s ratings by adding SEO to your videos and hosting videos on your own domain. Don’t just stop there, get diligent about metadata too. Your video should ensure that it’s implementing current and new SEO strategies by providing a title, file name description, and thumbnail that are SEO aware.

Stop Cutting Corners on Content

As the competition gets thicker for content marketers and wariness of fake news increases, users are becoming more selective and less trusting of written content on sites. Short-form content and flashy headlines are getting picked over for pieces that are more authentic and rich. For 2017, putting more work into your pieces will go a long way with users looking to stay connected and informed. Though it may occupy a bit more of your time, the investment will undoubtedly help you to secure the conversions you were hoping for.

Stop Getting Lazy About Analyzing SEO Efforts

Beware: 2017 won’t be accepting your work-shy measuring and analyzing efforts when it comes to SEO. The only way for you to obtain insight into your site’s SEO is thoroughly utilizing the various free, freemium and affordable tools that you should already have acquired for your site. Dig into the data of your analytics and determine the answers to your questions by tracking metrics from their start to finish.

Stop Being Shy About Personal Branding

Harnessing personal branding as a core weapon for your SEO strategy is a 2017 must. Fleshing out a personal brand has always ensured the procurement of guest posts, user trust, and site traffic, but for some reason, few brands put it into effect. That is until now. More and more companies are recognizing the need to utilize a personal brand— and by no coincidence. As Facebook continues to fine-tune its algorithms, posts by actual users will become preferred to branded ones. As the number of opportunities in personal branding continues to open up, the desire to utilize it as an SEO strategy will continue to increase amongst companies. Of course, this means another saturated field for your brand and a reason for your business to start hitting the pavement on it right now.

Use Lead Gen To Pinpoint Customers

Track down the most interested prospects for your brand to get in touch with the lead generation. Get more aggressive about pulling in users to your site by getting familiar with lead gen strategies. The success of lead generation lies heavily in the sort of information you provide users with—it must be relevant, high-quality information. Understand your target audience’s buying process and following-up with them on your services.

No doubt 2017’ SEO predictions have added quite a bit to your resolution list. To get yourself off on the right foot this the new year, make sure that you have access to the very best SEO tools on the market. 180fusion is here to help.

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Brannon M. Brooks

Brannon M. Brooks

Brannon Brooks brings a considerable amount of background knowledge & a passion in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing, and Social Media. He comes to 180fusion with 5 years in the online marketing industry. Currently, he oversees & structures SEO and marketing strategies for a handful of clients; ranging from National SEO, Local Search, & e-commerce businesses. Prior to 180fusion, Brannon Brooks has worked as an SEO Analyst overseeing enterprise accounts in a vast majority of industries. His favorite SEO quote & rule of thumb is “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

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