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When it comes to SEO, almost everyone has advice on how to improve it. Sure, we all know a lot of the common and best uses, but honestly, this is something that’s continuously evolving. And if you haven’t reviewed how your SEO operates in a while, then it might be time to reassess how you can capitalize on these innovations.

However, while you might be stressing over if you need to start from scratch, not to worry, as a lot of the tips listed below will be somewhat intuitive, as well as build off of the legacy practices already in place. Plus, with enough repetition, you could soon become ahead of the curve, gaining more traffic than you ever have before. Here’s how:

Brainstorm Around Voice Search

While a relatively new practice, voice search is quickly making a splash in the world of SEO. What makes this method so widespread is how common it’s become, with being in your car, at your house, and even on your phone. Yes, voice search is practically everywhere now, which you should consider how to capitalize on with your search marketing.

A significant difference between voice and traditional search is that what we say varies quite a bit from what we type. For example, if I wanted to order a pizza, I might say “Okay Google, where can I get pizza right now?” versus typing “Pizza+Oakland, California.” The recognition of this behavior is largely going to determine your promoted post key terms, as well as what type of strategy you should use for content marketing. While still early, this is an excellent strategy to start getting ahead of.

Remember The Point of Discovery

When discussing SEO, a big portion people overlook is how search engines are the point of discovery for numerous experiences. Even when we’re given a direct link to a site, our instinct still tells us to go to Google. And as noted by Junto, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, which says a lot about how you should make it the focal point to potential customers finding you.

Instead of asking “how can I boost my SEO?”, A better question would be “how do people find me and why?”. Even though this is considered one of the primary strategies regardless, it’s always good to be mindful of so you don’t lose sight of why you’re doing SEO in the first place.

Focus Your Efforts On Google

Although most of us probably already know, Google owns approximately 77.4% of the global search engine traffic in the world, making it the most prominent search engine out. While the thought may have crossed your mind as to considering trying Bing or other engines, these are most likely going to be a waste of time. Instead, make your efforts primarily about Google, as this will be the most powerful search engine in SEO for a long, long time.

Don’t Forget About Mobile

One of the most vital aspects of SEO is mobile, which is starting to dominate the total amount of traffic via search. According to Search Engine Land, 60% of searches now start from mobile, which makes sense considering when we want to look something up, the first place we go is our phone. However, I’ll note that while mobile is becoming the main source someone might discover your business, remember that this too uses different phrasing than on desktop or voice.

With mobile, people are much more likely to use shorter phrases or a couple of terms in one. For example, instead of typing out “Best pet shop in Kansas City,” people are much more likely to just enter “pet shop Kansas City.” While the search terms are going to be relatively parallel to your current strategy, having mobile in mind is imperative. Finally, always make your site is responsive (I.E. designed for a phone’s screen) as you’ll lose visitors quickly otherwise.

Onsite Is Still Key

Finally, as we tend to think about SEO as how people find you via search terms, on-site SEO is equally as important. Basically, these are the items and tagging embedded into your website as for how spiders find you. Even though it’s a practice most would consider an afterthought, this is actually pretty crucial to include. Take the time to read through the guide above, and try to improve the elements of your website that will help boost your SEO.

With so many best practices in SEO, which ones have you been successful with? Comment with your insights below!