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Google Unveils its 3rd Most Important Ranking Factor

The tools behind Google’s lucrative search engine processes have long been the subject of speculation from users and industry insiders. Google’s technology has evolved over the years to include today’s most innovative search tools and softwares. The search engine recently released information about its reported “third most important ranking factor”: RankBrain.


RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system used by Google to sort through  its millions of search results as partof its “Hummingbird” search algorithm. Being an artificial intelligence system, RankBrain can teach itself how to most efficiently and accurately sort through results in order to display the most relevant pages.

RankBrain has been instrumental in helping the search engine process search queries, particularly those written more ambiguously. White hat SEO users have seen substantial gains from the machine-learning technology, and users experience and more positive and efficient search overall.

For more information on RankBrain, its features, and its potential, check out this article from Bloomberg. Check back with the 180fusion blog regularly for more updates from Google and information about how we can help you get the most out of today’s search engine technology.


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