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Instagram Marketing – Engage Your Customers with Fun Contests

For businesses that use Instagram to market themselves, this tool is a great way to create more interaction with their brand. Instagram is a fun and trendy way to connect with socially engaged consumers. Today, there are over 100 million active users on Instagram, with about 1 billion photos liked every day. By using this app, businesses can achieve an instant viral marketing boost. Not only can Instagram be used to tell a visual story about a brand and engage followers, it’s also a great way to get customers engaged through photo contests.
Businesses can create user-generated content by running Instagram photo contests.

Making contest themes that get photos and videos for business objectives gets fans excited and engaged. One great idea is having a photo caption contest. Take a picture of products or something related to the company’s brand. Ask followers to caption the photo and award the best caption with a prize. It’s amazing to see how even a small prize can exponentially increase customer engagement.
Another great way to engage customers through Instagram is crowdsourcing photos.

Ask followers to submit photos of how they use your company’s product. Not only does this create for a great contest, it helps businesses gain customer insight as well as guide future product development. It’s pretty easy to set up one of these contests, and be sure to make the prize something followers will enjoy.

Remember that the prize should provide the right incentive. It doesn’t have to be cash, and choosing a prize that connects with your market will make the contest go viral. Create an appealing visual of the prize, when applicable. Remember, Instagram is all about sharing photos so visuals are important to users.
When running a contest through Instagram, make followers opinions decide the winner. Have followers vote for the best photo or caption submission. This will not only up the ante, it’ll also get contestants vying for the highest number of votes. They’ll spread the word along to their friends, and ask for votes on other social media sites.

By making this element part of the contest, businesses can further increase their exposure.

Regular Instagram contests are a great way to keep customers engaged, but always pay attention to the theme. Having a general contest won’t draw in a huge fan base, but having a seasonal theme or picking themes relevant to your brand are going to be more appealing. Use the theme to create an attention grabbing title that will pique fan’s interests. When announcing the contest, include the prize, company name, and the theme.

Keep the contest specifics short and witty, with all the relevant details included.
Instagram marketing isn’t just about contests, but it’s a great way to engage customers and create new fans of your brand. Offering prizes through photo contests keeps your target audience tuning in a regular basis to see what’s coming up next. Use these tips to use Instagram marketing and increase the visibility and branding of your company through fun contests.

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